Most people like skiing/ snowboarding with some tunes but do your  headphones shape up?  If you’re unsure, SnowSkool has looked into the best headphones on the market to help keep your riding in rhythm. Here’s what we’re diggin’ …

Monster beats solo by Dr Dre,  £169.99

The headphone of choice for the dopest riders…Beats Solo are small enough over the ear to make them comfortable when you want to look cool and wear them round your neck but the sound they produce is big enough for even the deafest mo-fos! And, man, do they look sick…sleek, sculpted, shiny. Class act but a bit punchy at £169.99

Dojo Skullcandy headphone goggles.  £99.99

A goggle and headphone collaboration between Von Zipper and Skullcandy will ensure your gigs do not fall off whilst you’re finishing the third rotation of your newly-learnt 720! Skullcandy’s best selling headphones, the Skullcrusher is hooked onto the side of the goggles via a 30mm neodymium vibration system. The sound is excellent but we’ve heard that snow getting into the headphones can be a problem but, still, we’ll give it a go – especially at £99.99 FOR BOTH GOGGLES & ‘PHONES!

Urbanears  £60

The thinking man’s headphones – simple, clean design in a range of colours bright enough to keep you visible in the stormiest of snowstorms! The sound is crips…they’ve been thoughtful enough to build in a microphone so your missus can keep tabs on you at all times! With the price tag at £60…how can you go wrong?!

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