Snowboard Instructor Courses in Banff

SnowSkool’s most popular and longest-running course

In the World Cup of Snowboard Instructor Courses, the final would take place in Banff and SnowSkool would be the odds-on favourite! If you know Banff, it is not difficult to work out why SnowSkool Banff is our most popular instructor course. It is the ski town that other ski towns aspire to be like. Look in any direction and you’ll see a jagged snow-covered peak that you will dream about standing on, with a board attached to your feet, ready to drop in and ride out of that tight, snow-filled couloir. And, after the sun goes down, Banff comes alive; pubs, bars, lounges & nightclubs line Banff Avenue. It’s not a place for the relaxed of nature, deep of thought nor faint of heart…it’s a whole lot of busy and hectic and fun and what-goes-on-tour-stays-on-tour!    

Banff is the classic snowboard instructor course location, but keep your wits about you and ensure you heed the advice of SnowSkool's knowledgeable reps because plenty have been chewed up and spat out by the town of Banff!  

Who chooses this course?

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  • 17-20
  • 21-24
  • 25-35

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  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks
  • 3 weeks
  • 4 weeks

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    • Duration
      13 weeks
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    £9650 £9350
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“What is your view of Heaven?!” asks the big dude with the beard standing in front of the Pearly Gates. Hopefully it will be a while until you are asked this but there is no danger in planning ahead and a season in Sunshine Village is perfect for helping to craft your vision of where you wish to spend the after-life. In fact, you could just hand over the piste map and suggest they do not deviate too much from creating something like that: a sweet playground spread over three awesome mountains with a Park that can be jacked-up to international standard and some super-steep off-piste areas. And all covered by Banff’s finest snow! 

Accommodation + Meals

Each and every year, the feedback on the accommodation in Banff is exemplary and this is not because fresh rose petals are spread on your bed every day nor because the plump pillows are filled exclusively of goose down. It’s the atmosphere, the people, the camaraderie that makes this such a happy place to be. Come spend some time with us…!

  • On-site pub (The Storm Cellar)
  • Free pool, table football & darts
  • On-site restaurant (Cougar Pete’s)
  • Open-mic jam nights
  • Karaoke
  • Comedy gigs
  • Seating area with fireplace
  • Free WiFi

Standard rooms are four-share
There is the option to upgrade to a larger room with en-suite facilities
Breakfast and evening meals are provided 5-days per week in the Lodge.


SnowSkool Banff is our longest course and so you’re going to get a lot of mileage on your board. Snowboard instructor lessons take place five days per week. The programme is delivered by the most highly-qualified and experienced snowboard trainers in the Sunshine Village Ski & Board School (all are Level 4 or highly-experienced Level 3 instructors and all are CASI examiners). What's more, most of them have been working the SnowSkool programme for years and know exactly what it takes to get you through your exams.


Snowboard instructors in Canada are regulated by CASI (the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors) and those on the full course will train towards CASI Level 1 and CASI Level 2 snowboard instructor qualifications. And, for those that want to take their riding to new levels, you‘ll also have the chance to sit the CASI Snowpark certificate. 

Your SnowSkool Rep

Where other companies have minimised the role of the reps in order to cut costs, SnowSkool has always placed enormous importance on recruiting and training good people to look after each course. Your reps are not a phone call away; they will be at line-up every morning, snowboarding alongside you with a camera most days and joining you for dinner, a beer or a chat in the evening. Hopefully you’ll never have to think of your SnowSkool rep as anything but a friend…but, if you do need them, you’ll be very glad they are around and know what’s going on!  

What’s Included?

Group Flight1
Airport Transfers
5 days per week
5 days per week
Lift Pass
Hill Transfers
Level 1 Tuition
Level 1 Exam Fee
Level 2 Tuition
Membership Fees
SnowSkool Recruitment Service
SnowSkool Repping Service
Instructor Shadowing
Regular Individual Feedback
Video Analysis
First Aid Course2
Avalanche Awareness Course2
  1. Return from UK to Canada
  2. Additional fee payable

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