We have been asking you to share your #ski & #snowboard selfies with us throughout 2014 for a chance to appear on our Facebook header and WIN a week in Meribel. 

Congratulations to our latest Legend of the Month, Nadine Wheelhouse! Nadine’s photo is up on our Facebook wall now.  Here, we find out a bit more about our latest cover star of the month…

SnowSkool:  Tell us a bit more about your #SnowSkoolLegend photo and what memories you have from it...
NadineThis picture was taken on our last day up on the slopes after spending an amazing 12 weeks in Canada. Some of us decided to dress up for our last day to make it even more fun, I was dressed in a camouflage morph suit, Bekki in a leopard onesie, Jake in a sailors outfit and Oscar in a Hawaiian shirt with sunglasses to match. Really shows how much we love skiing, we braved the cold in our fancy dress for a laugh, although the chairlift rides were freezing and we did get some funny looks. Our last week of skiing was the best as we could all relax after passing our level 2 exams and we could do whatever we wanted and ski whatever we wanted. It was the week to really push your skiing ability and do all the things you daren't do during exam times. This day was a great end to an amazing season which I shared with some amazing people, this photo really sums up my snowskool experience.

SnowSkool: What’s the best resort you have skied or snowboarded in?
NadineThe best resort I have ever skied in has to be Sunshine Village. There are so many different places to explore and the vast amount of runs means you never get bored. There’s so much space around you all the time and mid week you could be the only one up on the top of Goats Eye Mountain. The snow was the best powder I’ve ever skied, getting up there early and getting first tracks was insane. I’ve never skied deep powder like that before. It’s amazing.

SnowSkool: What’s your favourite piece of ski gear and why? 
Nadine: My favourite piece of ski gear has to be my skis. They are my babies, even though one of them did pop off as I was going up a chairlift in the middle of my level 2 exam… I have a pair of K2 Super Glides and they are by far the best skis I’ve skied on in a long time. They make everything so much easier and fun. They were amazing on groomed steep pistes and even when we had huge dumps of powder they still performed well. 

SnowSkool: What SnowSkool course would you love to do or have you already done?

Nadine: I went on the Snowskool course in Banff, Canada. It was the best experience of my life, if I could go back in time and do it all over again I would. I met some amazing people on this trip and I’m already planning to go and do another ski season with some of them. Everyday something funny happened, and even when I was having a bad day on the slopes there was always someone there to pick up my mood and make me laugh. There was always something to do and so many people around you all the time you could never get bored! Even the lessons were fun and we became so close with all of our instructors, which really helped coming up to exam time. I would recommend this Snowskool course to anyone, it really is worth it!

Well done to Nadine! We wish you the best of luck for the competition and your future as a ski instructor!

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