Week 5

The students in Banff ploughed through their lessons preparing for level two exams. We celebrated pancake day with some crepes for breakfast smothered in lots of Nutella. This was swiftly followed by Valentines Day celebrations. The hostel hosted a different take on this with a ’sex trivia night’, which provided lots of entertainment! Everyone also got to experience their first ice hockey game watching the Canmore Eagles team it up on the ice. 

Week 6

and finally the long-awaited powder arrived in sunshine village! Everyone had so much fun both in and out of lessons, trying new tricks on the slopes and building igloos and kickers off the slopes! The weekend saw a few trying out night skiing at Mount Norquay, where Harry gave everyone quite the show in the park! 


Week 7

rolled in pretty quickly, and with snow continuing to fall Banff finally looked like the winter wonderland everyone had hoped it would. However with temperatures dropping back down to -20 we’re still making sure we all wrap up warm! Skiers all did well with the first part of their exams with big celebrations on Friday evening and of course, Sunday funday! There was also a trip to Calgary zoo to see the polar bear, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all! 

Everyone’s loving doing lots of shopping and finding all the best places to eat in Banff in their spare time, whilst enjoying the stunning scenery and beautiful wildlife Canada has to offer! With exams approaching fast the students are cracking on with their lessons and making the most of their time here... we can’t believe there’s only a month left! 

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From Heather and Connor, Banff Reps

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