Brought more snow! In 24 hours we've had 15cm! How great is that?  


Tara and Natalie wanted to find the secret run Narnia, so Josh and Coby showed them the way – weekend adventuring. 


And it was dinner at Black Diamond that evening. 




Skiers had lessons on Sunday while Boarders rested or adventured on their own. The Sunday lesson plan was to accommodate a mid week break including the 'shopping shuttle' on Tuesday. 




More snow and sun how lucky! A check of the snow report showed 12cm in the last 12 hours and and 68cm in the last 7 days That puts our base at over 200cm. Woohoo!  

We’ve really been getting to enjoy the powder feeling of floating this last week. But it was really really cold so it felt great to get into the hot tub after all day in that.  




The sun arrived showing off our picturesque little mountain to its best. The boarders had class and the skiers had the day off. Some took the time to relax whilst others took the time to ski or wax their skis. With the skier development course starting on Thursday it was good to have a day off and practice some things – iron anything needed out - before the last class tomorrow.  


On Tuesday night we had dinner at Sam's which made for a nice change of pace for everyone - and really large meals! Seven weeks of skiing and boarding has caught up with most of the group, and post meal activity options were generally low key - going went home early to rest, do workshops, play xbox, or practice guitar (Chris and Giles). KJ and Tara however, kept up the pace and were out late partying at Sam’s karaoke night. 




We were blessed with a bluebird, a nice day for the skiers to enjoy before their skiing development module started on Thursday. The boarders just got to have a good time - a nice day finishing off with takeout from Cantina for a relaxed night in. 




Another gorgeous bluebird day! It was so nice to feel the sun’s warmth on our skin after so long, and I'm sure our bodies are happy for the vitamin D boost.   


The skiers had a busy first day of ski development while the boarders got their exam prep feedback in the morning. The skiers then focussed on mixed terrain (moguls), medium and short turns in preparation for their exam next week. 




Although there was some cloud and snow on Friday the clouds remained high as did the visibility, and the sun popped out a few times to say hello too. 


Friday marked the end of the ski development module and they've been given some things to work on over the weeken. Classes Monday to Wednesday will be all about really honing in on those things before the exam. 


But it’s not all work and no play. There was some park fun to be had too! 


More news soon. 


Clare – SnowSkool Big White Rep 

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