On piste 

This week was all about prepping for Level 2 exams and the students' hard work paid off with 100% pass rate! 

It was also all about the weather – as ever. So key to our experience on the mountain. It bucketed with snow on Sunday night and we had another lovely dump on Tuesday. The sun came out and the skies cleared just in time for the first exam day – Thursday. Definitely feeling like spring skiing now. Which did mean managing slush requiring focus on control and technique. 

And it’s safe to say our goggle tans are coming along nicely! 

Off piste 

This week was all about fuelling up with good food and drink at our favourite haunts, Raven Sam’s, and Bullwheel.  

It was all about prepping for exams off piste too. There was a lot of talk over dinner about what drills people had in their toolbox and what they would use for what lesson or what issue arose. it was good to see everyone collaborate and talk about the skills they have learned and see their determination in revision before their exams   

We enjoyed our exam success party at Raven on Friday night, playing pool and dancing - with the instructors too. It was great to mingle with them outside of classes. 

The spring weather has meant we can enjoy the outdoors off piste too. Myself, KJ and Tildy enjoyed sitting on the snow mound in the sun making a game of trying to hig the lamp post with snowballs. And it was nice to be able to have a drink in the sun in the woods straight after the exams on Friday. 

Next week 

It will be spring break in Canada so we are expecting it to get busy. Can’t believe we are into the last weeks of the course. Exams done, pressure off, students can enjoy their new skills at their leisure and plot their next steps. 

I’ll bring you more on that next time. 


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