Week 8: 3rd – 10th March

Week 8 was the last week before the Snowskool students begin their level 2 courses. Most of the students spent the week practicing and harnessing the things they have learnt in their tuition over the past few weeks. Jamie, Sean, Jock and Findlay all worked on their bumps practice in light of the upcoming exams whilst Eddie, Jokull, Elise and Martin practiced their Ollie 180s.

With great snowfall on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning, Tommy, Ollz and Annie amongst others explored the off piste playground of Dent De Burgin. With a mixture of tree runs, powder pillows and open pitches, the group revelled in the fresh snow and were able to practice their variable skiing in preparation for their upcoming exams.

On Monday evening, we had a social Mexican night at Chalet Daurel with our lovely chalet staff preparing burritos with a mixture of different salsas, vegetables, and meats. This was a great way to socialise and share a meal with each other and farewell our second rotation of Chalet Company Staff.

With extreme wind conditions on Saturday, some of the students headed down to Brides Les Bains to check out the local thermal hot springs and surrounding township whilst others went to bathe in the warmth of the sauna and pool in the Olympic centre. This was followed by the ice hockey semi-finals where the mighty Meribel Bouqetines won in a nail biting victory.

From Week 8 to Week 9 and Level 2 examinations!!

Week 9: 10th-17th March

Week 9 was the last chance for students to work on their craft and prepare for the upcoming examinations. With examinations starting on the Wednesday, the students celebrated Nathans birthday a few days early with a few drinks and some dancing at rock n roll bingo on Monday evening. Happy birthday Nathan!!

With a top up of snow on Sunday afternoon, piste runs were the go for the start of the week's mountain activities. Students revelled in the awesome conditions and were able to practice their long turns on Monday morning. Cosima, Jamie and Luke all took to the slopes with the pistes not disappointing on a blue bird day.

On Wednesday the students were assigned their examination group. This was the start of a 4 day exam block which all students completed with great confidence.

By Saturday afternoon, everyone was exhausted bar a few keen individuals who went and watched the 6 nations. Siobhan, Ella, Ollz and Tomas were all grieved as France just overcame England. With the rugby finishing in the early evening, some students including Peter headed to Les Allues to catch up with some friends for an evening of dancing and socialising.

As week 10 approaches, the students are nervous but confident for their final week of examinations. Good luck to everyone this week!!

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