And just like that the course is over! 

We had a big party on Friday night and have been enjoying the post exam freedom and warmer weather - total contrast to the -40 degrees in which we began the course. This does mean the snow is a bit slushy but that hasn’t stopped anyone from having fun. 

The exams might be over but there is still lots of learning going on via the three day ski and skate park courses, and some of the skiers have also been putting their new qualifications into practise by taking a bunch of boarders down to happy valley to teach them to ski. They were all going down the mountain by the end of the day. Whoop! 

Everyone has been taking full advantage of the après and the sunshine – eating and drinking on the balconies and having a great time. 

Come the evening, the Bullwheel and Sam’s have been popular haunts again this week and Giles, Jay and Chris were up on stage for open mic at Sam’s on Friday night. Powder Ridge held a watch party for the rugby with snacks which was popular with sporting fans while others opted for movie night.  

And ... we enjoyed the green beers to mark St Patrick’s day at the BullWheel on Sunday!  

Overall it’s been a week of fun, relaxing  and experimenting and switching disciplines, learning with each other. We tried some cross country skiing this week too. 

The bonds created within the group have been so good to see. And it’s sad to think of it all coming to an end. 

Memories made forever however. 

Thanks for the good times. 

Clare – Big White rep 

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