Week 10: 17th – 24th March


Week 10 was a jam packed week mixed with fun, laughter and focus. As the students had just completed their first week of examinations, they began week two of exams with the end in sight. Warm weather and slushy conditions meant that the technical components of the examinations became more difficult. Despite this, all students excelled and completed their exams well. Congratulations to all our Snowskool Students who completed their Level 2 examinations. We are very proud of you!!


As exams finished on Friday, the skoolers headed to the closing day of the Ronnie Loves music festival at Le RondPoint. This was a great way to celebrate the success of the season and to decompress together. Zoltan, Eddie and Charlie took to the dance floor to show the rest of the skoolers their moves.


After a big night of activities, the students woke up to a hot spring day. With the conditions being subpar, some students headed to the pool to do a few laps whilst others sun-baked on the Chalet Daurel patio.


On Saturday evening, students including Jock, Adrian and Jamie headed to the bowling alley to knock down a few pins. An honourable mention goes to Sean who got four strikes in a row.


With the final week of SnowSkool looming, the students were excited to make the most of their free time.


Week 11: 24th- 28thMarch


Week 11 was a fun week. With plenty of free time, flexibility and great spring conditions, the skoolers made the most of their final few days in Meribel.


Cosima and Nathan had epic piste runs under the vizelle gondola on Sunday morning. After lapping this run 3-4 times, the group resided to Café la Tania to sip on warm hot chocolates.


At 2pm, everyone headed to apres lunch at Roc7 in Les Menuires. The food was tasty and the music was lively. This was a great afternoon to celebrate the season but also to experience a new bar on the mountain.


On Tuesday afternoon, the students participated in the annual SnowSkool valley rally which was a great hit. With a mixture of challenges ranging from skiing backwards to arm wrestling a stranger, the teams set off upon the mountain to find the hidden clues.


Congratulations to Team 2 (Grace, Luke, Ella, Siobhan and Dave) for winning the valley Rally!! Honourable mentions to Tommy, Ollz,  Findlay and Josh who were dressed in amusing outfits.


On Tuesday evening, the students headed to the Mottarave, a late night party which was a lot of fun.


On Wednesday, the students made the most of their last day on the mountain. Although the conditions were less than optimal, the vibes were high and everyone had a lot of fun.


With a final group dinner, we said our goodbyes and cherished the season that had just gone. Tears, laughter and hugs were shared as the students left on Thursday morning.


Thanks for a great season!!

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