Our advice on snowboards is the same for all of the SnowSkool snowboard instructor courses. 

1. Choose an All Mountain Snowboard. 

2. In terms of flex, go for a snowboard with medium-flex and in terms of profile, go for a snowboard with a traditional camber.  

3. Check the manufacturers guidelines for the correct size of snowboard for your weight / height (weight is more of a consideration than height)  

• If you want to use your board predominantly in the park, get a board at the shorter end of the spectrum for your weight; if it’s mostly for powder, get one at the longer end; in the middle if it’s for everything. 

 4. Check the snowboard width …  

• Go standard width if you’re below feet size 10  

• Go for a wide board if you’re feet are sticking over the edge of the board 

 Snowboard Recommendations

We are able to recommend a few snowboards that are deemed perfect for SnowSkool snowboard instructor courses. This doesn’t mean you should be rushing out to buy this exact snowboard, but buying a snowboard that is extremely similar to the snowboards listed below is highly recommended …  

 Burton Blossom Camber (unisex)  

• Burton Beekeeper Camber (unisex)  

• Burton Talent Scout Camber (female)  

• Rome Stale Crewzer (unisex)  

• Rome Rene-gade (unisex)  

• Rome Muse (female)  

• Salomon HPS Louis Paradis (unisex)  

• Salomon Bliss (female)  

• Jones Flagship (unisex)  

• Jones Flagship (female)  

• Jones Dreamweaver (female 


We have partnership discounts for SnowSkoolers once you have signed up to one of our snowboard instructor courses. Where do you fancy - Canada, New Zealand or France?

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And make sure you read our next post on the importance of boots and bindings.

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