Clair was a chef looking for a different career path which is what led her to SnowSkool 

Both a skier and a boarder since she was very young – she started at 2 years old! - Clair chose the course in Sunshine Village Banff in 2019 because she already knew the resort. She liked the idea of the familiar - ‘it was like coming home’ for her.  

Feeling happy in a resort she knew well, Clair was all set to make the most of the course and told us: 

The course was great fun - meeting all the students and instructors. All the instructors were and are incredible. If you are willing to put in a lot of hard work they make all the lessons enjoyable! Away from the slopes the group was like a big family, we ate together, worked together and most importantly played together. Nights out were always wild and sometimes even our instructors would come out and get to know us away from the slopes. Over 13 weeks it is noticeable how much every single person progressed week on week! It was possibly the most fun I’ve had riding with a big group of people ever!’  

Qualifying as both ski and snowboard instructor 

Clair attained her Level 2 Snowboard instructor qualification and Level 1 Ski instructor qualification. This versatility gave her the edge when applying for instructing posts. Keen to stay in Sunshine she applied for jobs there. Having done the course there meant she had lots of credible references and bagged the instructor job she wanted.  

Clair is English and manages her working visa through an immigration consultant. She is currently waiting for her permanent residency to come through. Sounds like Clair is definitely ‘home’. And she has these enthusiastic words about choosing SnowSkool and the ski and snowboard instructor path.   

'It is a once in a lifetime chance and I would absolutely take the chance if you are able. It is great fun and it can lead to so many different job opportunities whether that’s on snow or away from mountain life. It has helped my mental health and confidence so much and I would not be doing what I do today with the whole team involved in SnowSkool’  

Clair is keen to keep moving up the levels and takes advantage of the daily one hour training sessions that Sunshine Village offers for their instructors.  

Fulfilling back country riding dreams 

A significant highlight for Clair has been getting the chance to ride back country terrain - ‘always something I wanted to do and working as an instructor and some great people has allowed me to ride some unforgiving terrain safely and given me the satisfaction that I can do something I once wasn’t able to’  

With thanks to Clair for filling us in with her news.

Writer Kate Swainson Price

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