For a very limited time only SnowSkool has teamed up with Val Heliski to offer a free reverse heliski trip for course bookings made during June 2017!

What is reverse heliskiing??

Heliskiing is when a helicopter picks you up at the beginning of your trip and drops you off at the top of a mountain for you to then ski/board down. Reverse heliskiing is the opposite…

Reverse heliskiing involves a full day on and off-piste with your own guide or instructor, commencing in your resort. Using resort chairlifts, gondolas, T-bars or other means you will make your way to the the summit of the resort, your start point!

From there, you will ski or snowboard out of the resort boundaries, into the backcountry, and down secret descents to a point only accessible by helicopter. From there you will be picked up by helicopter to go upwards and onwards to another Reverse Heliski location, or whisked back to resort at the end of the day.

It’s the perfect way to combine helicopters, skiing / snowboarding and huge vertical meterage offpiste. 

What do I need to book?

This offer is available to any new booking for our 11 week instructor course in France commencing January 2018.

When do I have to book by?

The offer is valid for new bookings made during June 2017 only.

Sold, ready to book?

For more information on the 11 week instructor course please click on one of the following links:

Val Heliski - The backcountry specialists!

Val Heliski are true backcountry specialists. The company focuses solely on providing dedicated backcountry skiing / snowboarding adventures (with or without the aid of a helicopter) and all types of heliskiing / heliboarding, reverse heliskiing in the the French Alps, landing in both France and neighboring Italy.

For more information on Valheliski check out their website:

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