Last week we set out on the road once more for the final leg of our fresher’s tour. This time round it was the turn of Southampton and Surrey universities for a SnowSkool visit, our two local sponsored universities! 

We arrived on Tuesday morning at a very sunny Southampton university, after muscling our way through the crowds of sweaty, hungover freshers and sneaking through a back entrance, we finally made it into the bun fight (a.k.a. fresher’s fair)…

We tracked down the SUSSC committee, unpacked their bulging box of SnowSkool merchandise, and joined the party, recruiting freshers to join the biggest and best club at Southampton University! We enticed the young fresher’s with the promise of a free t-shirt, gave them the spiel about the club and their awesome holiday plans (Mayrhofen, Christmas, £395 – bargain!). The fair was consistently busy throughout the day with a solid mixture of super keen freshers, hungover freshers, and seasoned members alike. This year is certainly shaping up to be a good one for SUSSC, with an awesome committee at the helm and some brilliant value trips we’re sure they’ll be more popular than ever!

After a day of rest, well… a day of work in the office, we headed back out to visit Surrey snowsports at their fresher’s fair. It was an absolutely scorching day and fortunately the fair was being held outside. Unfortunately it was in a giant marquee with about a million other people (slight exaggeration) so the tent had turned into a sauna by mid-afternoon!  However this didn’t dampen the Surrey Snowsports enthusiasm, they worked tirelessly throughout the day, recruiting new members, chatting to old members, and abusing other societies on the megaphone. We’re sure the enthusiasm had absolutely nothing to do with the empty beer cans hidden underneath their table… honest.

We’re looking forward to working closely with both Surrey and Southampton this year. With great committees that aren’t shy of having a good time at each of the clubs we’re sure that this year will be the start of something beautiful! We’re pleased to have both clubs promoting our ski and snowboard instructor courses and look forward to working with them throughout the year. 

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