CJ is ...

 ... swapping beach and surf for mountains and snowsports

Bringing a wealth of wide ranging repping experience from Down Under CJ is excited to discover the European Alps on a year out after finishing uni in Sydney Australia.

He’s super sporty, musical too – plays in a band, loves working with people and is looking forward to welcoming our SnowSkool students to ensure they experience a fantastic time in Meribel, France.


We caught up with CJ as he anticipates his arrival in France.


... passionate about people and the outdoors

 CJ is a self confessed "peoples person". He thrives on sociability and is excited to meet the diverse range of folk who come to SnowSkool, from different backgrounds and with different experiences.

'I'm a passionate skier, having skied in Japan, Australia and New Zealand and love the outdoors'. CJ can’t wait to continue developing his passion for outdoor adventure based sports, swapping board shorts for ski jacket and thermals. Combining employment with what he loves doing ‘ticks a big box for me’. It ticks the SnowSkool box too! And from a career perspective CJ is keen to see how his surf camp leadership experience translates to SnowSkool ‘camp’ as it were.

So yes, working with people in the context of outdoor adventure is a key draw for CJ. Safe to say we can expect enthusiasm, warmth and general rep brilliance from CJ for our SnowSkoolers in Meribel.

Above: Snaps of CJ with friends, playing with his band - Salted Ham, surfing, camping, beach touring ... you get the picture!

... excited to broaden his horizons, and make the most of new cultural opportunities

On a personal note, CJ is very excited to have the opportunity to discover Europe. He can’t wait to experience the snow quality and size of the mountain in France. He explains “Being situated in Meribel, the 3 valleys, the BIGGEST resort in the world, is something that I’m super excited to experience because it offers this variety that Australia/ my skiing is yet to experience

He is also buzzing about immersing himself into French culture – “coming from Australia, places like Meribel and France seem like a fantasy - something which is starkly different to the environment which I was raised in. From white sandy beaches with days no colder than 35 degrees, heading over to the French alps presents itself as a challenge but also something different and exciting.


As you might guess, CJ is particularly looking forward to experience the French mountain culture.  “I've seen photos and videos and am really interested in the cuisine combined with the mountaineering


... simply going to be a fab rep

Sounds like CJ will be soaking it all up and we have no doubt his infectious enthusiasm will be the perfect ingredient for guaranteed SnowSkool #bestdaysofyourlife.


Roll on January!


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