SnowSkool Graduate 

Clare graduated from SnowSkool last year. That wasn’t the plan. She was following her partner over from Australia to Canada and SnowSkool for an adventure post uni. Once in situ she decided to sign up to the course too. No brainer really. She loved it. Got her Level 2 CSIA qualification, and …. didn’t want to leave. 

Hooked on Canada  

Clare stayed on in Canada and worked at an outward bound adventure at a Lakeside Camp in Alberta over the summer. She is now excited to be welcoming SnowSkoolers to the Big White course as rep. With her own happy SnowSkool story in the bag, Clare is perfect for the role.  

Life before SnowSkool 

Clare has an interesting background having spent one of her school year’s on a Japanese exchange at Kakogawakita Kouko School in the Hyogo prefecture. Inspired by this experience Clare then chose to couple her tourism and events degree with Japanese. Much of Clare’s work back home in Australia has involved using her Japanese language skills. And it’s not just the language Clare has mastered, she also genned up on Asian studies as part of her degree. So if you want to find out about Japanese and asian culture over a hot wine après ski, Clare is your woman. 

And yes, Clare is keen to build on her Japanese skills long term, but right now it’s all about SnowSkool Big White.  

SnowSkool 2024 anticipation 

With an interesting schooling, a whole range of working experience all very much people focussed, and a fresh enthusiasm for and experience of SnowSkool Big White 2023, Clare brings everything and more to her role of Big White SnowSkool Rep 2024. 

This is her message for SnowSkoolers gearing up to arrive in January: 

I hope you are ready for the most exhausting, exhilarating and enjoyable 6-12 weeks of your life. You are going to walk away with some amazing memories and friends from all over the world … I already have some great things planned for the group. Can’t wait to meet you all!” 

We are looking forward to reports from Clare as the season unfolds. 

It’s not too late to join Clare in Big White. If you want to start 2024 with a new adventure in beautiful Big White - reknowned for its champagne powder and natural playground terrain - just get in touch.

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