Connor Dugard is buzzing about repping for SnowSkool, Banff, Canada

It was great to chat with Connor about his journey to illustrious SnowSkool rep status. After a few successful years building up his own business in the UK Connor decided follow up on a long held dream to ‘do a season’.  A sabbatical from work to do just that seemed like the right path last year. Little did he realise just how deep seated a latent passion for seasonnaire life lay dormant within. He was smitten. In a way that took him by surprise!

From chalet host to SnowSkool rep

And so he finds himself instinctively building on his experience moving from the Three Valleys in France where he loved looking after Chalet guests for The Chalet Company, to Banff, Canada and SnowSkool life. Connor can’t wait for a more hands on role as a rep supporting SnowSkoolers to make the most of their time in resort and ski and snowboarding instructor ambitions.   

Good on the technicals too

Connor handily happens to also be a qualified ski and snowboard technician. An unarguable plus in this job. He says ‘it's amazing how much an edge angle can make a difference and not just that, how dangerous it can be for someone if a ski isn't set up correctly, from edges, binding strength, even the length of the skis and widths can really hamper someone’s ski holiday if they aren't using the right stuff. Also waxing is crucial especially for boarders nobody wants to get stuck on a flat without poles!’ 

 On the topic of skis and snowboards he added ‘I personally love my Volks, they do everything that I need them to do, there are many great brands out there depending on your preference of style. Armada, Line, Black Crows and Rossignol all make really versatile all mountain skis. Head make some nice piste skis. I’ve not boarded but I lived with 3 snow boarders last year and Capita and Burton seem to be the go to!’ 

Want to join Connor on a SnowSkool ski or snowboard instructor course in Banff, Canada 2024? 

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Watch this space for more 'meet the rep' low down across our resorts over the coming weeks.

Kate Swainson Price

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