New Year, new adventures


Our repping journey with SnowSkool started with us seeing the new year 2024 in on our arrival into Banff. Being in situ a few days before the course began gave us time to find our bearings and prepare for the SnowSkoolers' arrival.


A warm welcome into sub zero temperatures


The SnowSkool course in Banff officially commenced on January 10th when we welcomed 54 students into the HI Hostel into a positively chilly temperature of -39 degrees!


Off to lessons they went


With many of the students being 18 years old and fresh out of school, this was the first time away from home for quite a few (not for all though – and we still had a few party animals braving the temperatures, desperate for a night on the town, while most had an early night in bed!). Lessons began on the following Monday. It was like sending your children to school for the first time! 


And how they flourished!


We have definitely watched the students grow, not only into amazing skiers and snowboarders over the season, but into mature adults too!


Bertie Powell went from having never been on a snowboard before, to becoming a Level 2 CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance) instructor! Caris had never skied on a mountain before and became a Level 2 CSIA instructor!


Harry, our biggest park rat completed too many 360s to count and landed his first backflip! Lots of the boys followed suit landing 360s, with a special mention to Tom Jackson who finally landed his!


Ollie and Owen both completed their skiing park certification. We also had numerous students trying their hand at the ‘Delirium Dive’ - not for the faint hearted!


It has been amazing to not only see them thrive at the teaching element (with lots putting it into practice on family and friends), but to see their passion for skiing continue to grow. Thank you Sunshine Village and to all the ski and snowboard instructors who made it all possible. 


13 weeks later, qualified and onto their next adventures


Lots of students are keen to put their qualifications into practice with some applying to work in Australia next season, and others hoping to return to Canada next year! Some students are off to University, so we hope all their practice in washing up and keeping their rooms tidy and handling their alcohol will make them all more than prepared for uni life!


More than a ski and snowboard instructor course


Participating in the SnowSkool course in Canada means that for the students, there’s so much more to see and do other than skiing too! Everyone has grown to appreciate the beautiful scenery and wildlife that is on our doorstep (quite literally!), with many an elk and deer sighting.


Most of the students climbed tunnel mountain in their time here, to appreciate the views and test their aerobic fitness. A few folk also completed the more challenging sulphur mountain!


We have no doubt some of the students now have newfound hobbies in hiking and have whet their appetites for travelling too. 


Friends for life

It has been so lovely to watch new friendship groups forming (hopefully some will remain friends for life). Many a meal out, a wine Wednesday, or a hungover Monday have been shared and we really hope that everyone has made some memories that will last a lifetime!


Thanks for having us


We have thoroughly enjoyed being the reps for SnowSkool in Banff and we hope everyone loved having us too. 


Lots of love and good luck in the future to all the Banff SnowSkoolers,


Connor and Heather xx

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