Expert training and a season of a lifetime

I chose Snowskool for my instructor course because not only do they offer expert training in order to obtain the BASI ski instructor certification, it also included everything you could possibly need to have a season of a life time. Beautiful chalets, amazing food, social programmes, professional organisation and great people.  

Great choice of locations and good value 

Snowskool also offered a huge selection of locations and courses in some of the most idyllic ski resorts with the perfect balance of professional training but also a lot of fun. The price of the course was also a huge incentive to choose Snowskool in terms of what it offered and most importantly delivered. 

My journey with Snowskool is one I will never forget 

It was the best 11 weeks of my life. Growing up I learned to ski through a variety of different ski schools and companies but I had never received training like I did with the BASI guys.  

They had mastered the perfect balance of training and fun. I made more progress than I ever imagined I would and felt I was thoroughly prepared for each examination. As well as this, I’ve made friendships and memories that are unforgettable. 

SnowSkool went above and beyond to help me secure a job 

I obtained a BASI level 2 qualification.  After completing the course I got in touch for some advice on getting a job, Snowskool went above and beyond to support my quest to land an instructor job and I am now working as a ski instructor in Gstaad, Switzerland. 

Develop skills and open up the gateway to your future 

SnowSkool provides the perfect opportunity to develop your skiing, open up doors for future job opportunities and create unforgettable memories. 

My future plans are to continue as a ski instructor, gaining more experience and working in more beautiful places and to see where it takes me. 

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