SnowSkool is very pleased to announce that a record number of graduates from its recent ski and snowboard instructor courses have found work in the southern hemisphere this season.

The most popular choice for SnowSkool graduates appears to be New South Wales, Australia, where at least 15 SnowSkool graduates have found work as full-time ski and snowboard instructors. The following resorts are currently employing SnowSkool graduates all of whom vary significantly in age and qualification level:

Perisher – 3 Banff 2011 Graduates, 2 Big White 2010 Graduates

Thredbo – 4 Banff 2011 Graduates, 1 Big White 2010 Graduate

Mt. Hotham – 2 Big White 2010 Graduates

Mt. Baw Baw - 2 Banff 2011 Graduates

Falls Creek – 1 Banff 2010 Graduate

The youngest of these SnowSkool graduates to find employment is 18 years old and the oldest is 52! While the highest qualified employed graduate currently holds her CSIA level 2 ski instructor’s qualification and her CASI level one snowboard instructor’s qualification. The majority hold either CASI or CSIA level 2 qualifications. In addition to this a couple of graduates have even managed to find employment with their CSIA/CASI level one qualifications.

We caught up with Interschools scholarship winner and SnowSkool Banff Course 2011 graduate - Shauna Rigby - to find out what life is like after SnowSkool and how working as a full time ski instructor is treating her:

“Working in Perisher has been so much fun! I love every minute of it, even if i was skiing in gale force winds and snow today!”

She added:

“Working as an instructor can be very challenging at times but sincerely rewarding. Watching my school group on Monday go from first timers to linking fast snowplough (And some got to parallel) by Friday was a great feeling. I love helping people achieve their goals. Also I’d like to say a massive thank you to SnowSkool for providing me with all the training I needed to land my dream job!”

Add to these already formidable figures the number of SnowSkool graduates who’ve successfully found work after their snowboard & ski instructor courses in the past, plus those that have confirmed jobs for next season in the northern hemisphere, and we’re left with a truly impressive rate of employment for SnowSkool graduates.

A large proportion of SnowSkool graduates from this season are also currently mid-application for jobs in a diverse range of northern hemisphere resorts including Austria, Japan, Switzerland, and of course, Canada.

SnowSkool would like to take this opportunity to wish all of its graduates the best of luck with their applications for the coming winter.

If you’re a past-graduate of SnowSkool and looking for work, why not get back in touch? We’d love to hear from you!

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