Exam results are in!!!

No… not A-Levels.

We’re talking ski and snowboard instructor exams here!

Students of the SnowSkool New Zealand Course 2011 recently took their first ski and snowboard instructor assessments up at Treble Cone and we’re more than pleased to announce that an awesome 93% pass rate was achieved!!!

The successful 93% are now fully-fledged ski & snowboard instructors and are qualified to teach beginner-intermediate standard clients all over the world… pretty cool huh?

As they begin their training for the Level 2 qualification, allowing them to teach intermediate/advanced standard skiers, the ol’ brain cogs started turning and we thought… why go to university when you could be skiing or snowboarding all day every day?!

Let’s just have a quick look at the costs & benefits of going to university vs. taking a SnowSkool course…



-          Up to £9,000 per year in tuition fees

-          £3,000-£5,000 in rent & living expenses

-          Not to mention the money you’ll spend on books, travel to uni, and student boozing!

-          Let’s say around £15,000 per year


-          A degree and supposedly better employment prospects

-          New friends

-          More classroom learning?!!!!!





-          One-off cost of £7,750 (Banff, Canada – 13 weeks) covering:  flights, transfers, accommodation, food, lift pass, and 25 hours of ski/snowboard tuition per day!

-          Fun money… for nights out, trips, and equipment.


-          Internationally recognised ski or snowboard qualifications allowing you to teach all over the world.

-          The opportunity to ski/snowboard every day

-          Great friends

-          Help with finding employment after the course

-          The experience of a life time!

Well there you have it folks! Not only does SnowSkool come out at around HALF the price of year at University, but you’ll come out with an internationally recognised qualification that will allow you to get out and working straight away! None of this graduate unemployment for our students…

Can't I do both?

That’s not to say that you can’t do both… why not book yourself onto a SnowSkool course, then go to university? You can earn some decent money working as a ski/snowboard instructor during the long summer break or grab a part-time job instructing at your local dry slope or indoor dome to fund your studies!

The choice is yours… but to help you make that choice we’re offering a £100 discount for anyone picking up there A-Level results today!!!

This is a one day only offer so give us a call to grab a bargain while you can!


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