Welcome to the first course diary for SnowSkool Banff 2022! A little late, but a great sign that we've been SO busy! We'll get you up to speed asap. Hot off the press, please enjoy the Banff Bulletin, volume 01

A few other special mentions must go out…

✏️  Big love to Billy, whose spot-check PCR test results took aaaages to come back, and he had to spend an additional 24 hours cooped up at the hotel before joining the group.

✏️  Ben and Kiran giving us mini-heart attacks, both hurt their wrists while snowboarding… but are both recovering well and hoping to get back to it.

✏️  Credit to Mel’s bar for hosting SnowSkool multiple times a week and putting up with some shocking (but enthusiastic!) karaoke from us.

✏️  A heavenly dip at Banff Hot Springs. This was great for soothing the ski-legs. Check out more photos on our socials.

✏️  Miraculously, several phones were lost and found again this week!

✏️  Birthday shout-outs go to Nathan Leonard (15th Jan) and Robert Stanners (22nd Jan). We enjoyed cake at dinner and any excuse for plenty of celebrating in town afterwards.

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