Here’s how we get caught up… a week two X three mash up!

✏️  Week two got off to an unexpected start with more COVID in the camp. Ever the optimists, the eight SnowSkoolers reported enjoying isolation watching amazing sunsets from the hot tub. I mean, it could be a lot worse?!

✏️  The lovely weather was enjoyed by all – balcony sunbathing and Kahn was even spotted boarding in a t-shirt. (Kahn being the latest and final arrival – the whole gang is now complete, hurrah!) The blue-bird weather was followed up by a snowy day on Wednesday with 12cm of the fresh stuff. Lots of lessons focused on how to ski/board/teach/navigate in white-out conditions.

✏️  Those who weren’t in isolation enjoyed plenty of socials and activities this week including a quiz (kudos #TeamRaven for the win!), ice skating (no black eyes reported this week) and an Australia Day party enjoying Triple J radio’s Top 100: streamed-in from down under.

✏️  Plenty of eating, meeting and greeting was enjoyed in week two. A Bullwheel meal was enjoyed for Olly's birthday ft. cute cake, candle and “please don’t sing” singing. A few of the gang sampled the food in Sam’s - Andrew, Olly, Joel, Jim, Darren, Henry and Georgie – reviews came back positive!

✏️ To end the week, the snowboarder group went for a drink with their instructors and got a summary of where they were all at which was really helpful in the run up to Level 1!

And, so, on to week three!

✏️   Isolation ended for last week’s COVID crew and they were free to frolic among the mountains once again, there was more fresh snow and more sunshine to enjoy – sorry, are we in the best place in the world right now??!!

✏️   An injury report: it’s one-in-one out this week as Carey’s ankle is much better and she’s back on her board in some new boots. Max unfortunately fractured his collarbone and is deciding if he’s going to stay out in Big White. Gutted for you Max.

✏️   The Level 1 exams are fast approaching (this is the last week of training!) so everyone was doing lots of practice teaching in lessons this week. We’ve heard a lot of “pizza and chips”, “Spongebob and Patrick” across the mountain!!

✏️   A willing guinea pig, Course Leader Holly enjoyed some snowboarding lessons from Max and Carey – they even took her for a hot chocolate after: the full service!

✏️   Darren, Andrew Jim, Henry, Georgie M, Lucky and Joel also tried out a new mode of transport – snowmobiling!

✏️   Friday night was Mexican food, followed by a party at Powder Ridge.

✏️   By Saturday, everyone was out of COVID isolation and feeling well. Looking on the bright side, we’ve got it out the way early and the crew has a good level of herd-immunity now!

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