SHU Snow boasts upwards of 300 paid members and has been awarded the Sheffield Hallam Union Club of the Year trophy for the last two years running! This year Harry and his crew are busy working hard to try and complete the hat-trick… a feat that has not yet been achieved by any club in the university… ever!

SHU Snow is by far the largest club in at Sheffield Hallam university and receives a massive 97% of all sports fare signups! Over the course of the last year they also managed to pick up some decent results, including a 3rd place finish in the BUDS slopestyle and placed in the Kings’ top 5 at both northern and national level - a record that they hope to repeat and improve upon this year. SHU

The club runs regular trips to Sheffield Ski Village, not just any dryslope… this bad boy is equipped with a dryslope halfpipe and full slopestyle course, not to mention a decent bar and bowling lanes - where Harry can regularly be found cleaning his bowling shoes and polishing his balls. 

We took this opportunity to chat to Harry about his time in with SnowSkool:

Harry, you’ve just bowled a perfect game, how do you feel?!

I feel great, couldn’t have done it without my trusty bowling shoes, SHU snow, and our sponsors SnowSkool!

Cheers Harry, you spent a season with SnowSkool a little while back now, which resort did you pick and why?

I came on the 2008/2009 11 week snowboard instructor course in Banff. I chose SnowSkool for the overall quality of the course, the value and the great locations available

How did you like the course and what was your favourite aspect?

I loved the atmosphere on the course; I made some amazing friends and most importantly improved my riding about tenfold! The best thing for me was the experience of riding in all conditions, we learned on ice, deep pow pow, freshly groomed pistes, slush and everything in-between! Give me a mountain!!!!

Sounds like you had an awesome time dude, glad to hear it. Is there anything else that you’d like to add about SHU Snow that we haven’t mentioned?

Ahh the socials! We regularly host the best socials in Hallam, with a regular turnout of 100+ if you ever come, don't wear a nice shirt!

Sweet… well maybe we won’t even wear one! Thanks for your time amigo!


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