We already feel nostalgic and we haven’t left yet! Exam finished and end-of season parties began: lots of merriment was the perfect antidote to the tough BASI exams.

✏️   The SnowSkoolers were pretty pleased to see the end of the Level 2 exams. The group saw a 76% pass rate which, combined with the huge success of Level 1, brings this year’s group 2% above average. Well done team!

✏️   It wasn’t all work and no play, everyone enjoyed tunes from Flava D at Lodge du Village on Wednesday, as a mid-exam stress reliever.

✏️   Tantalisingly, Ronnies has been hosting their Ronnie Loves Music festival all week. The students managed to dip their toes… be rude not to really… to get involved with the live music, DJ sets and lots of dancing.

✏️   Friday saw freedom and farewell to the gross early mornings of the week. The group headed to Ronnies for hands-down the best après session of the season – heavily sponsored by caramel shot bottles...!

✏️   Joe fully embraced the celebration to the extent he wasn’t entirely fit to ski down. Luckily, the bus delivered him home safely.

✏️   Charlotte also experienced a long journey home this week – spending more time on her butt than skis when trying to get back…

✏️   Some of the girls had a super-stylish lunch at Roc Seven in Les Menuires.

✏️   Some of the boys had a BBQ on the balcony of Chalet Daurel (also super-stylish I’m sure).

✏️   On Saturday night, the Chalet Daurel team, SnowSkool crew and Chalet Company chefs and hosts held a party for all the SnowSkoolers and a few friends they’ve made throughout their time on the course.

✏️   How do we know it was a mega party? Claudia arrived for breakfast on Sunday and got the feeling the fun had only just finished…! ��

✏️   Just one more week left (the current week as you read this) we’re gutted! Potentially the sunniest, most fun Three Valleys course ever.

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