Week two in the Three Valleys! This is the final week of training before Level one exams, but there’s still been plenty of fun, exploring and getting to know each other.

✏️   We were treated to another week of unbelievable weather – back-to-back blue-bird days! It’s definitely testing everyone’s ice-skiing ability.

✏️   Even heading to the park didn’t keep you out of trouble as Ripley had a bad fall which ended up in a trip to hospital ft X-ray and CT scan. Luckily, there was no serious damage and (with the help of some rest and a sexy neck brace) Ripley should be able to carry on the course.

✏️   Other students having a ‘mare are Ethan and Matt, losing their helmets… the benefit of having a big SnowSkool crew is that they were found for them!

✏️   The partying calmed down a little ahead of the Level one exams, making way for a bit of revision, extra concentration and even a sunrise hike from Marley.

✏️   In fact, plenty of resting is being done – students in Chalet Camelia are reportedly rather fond of a nap!

✏️   It’s certainly not been a quiet week though, everyone loved celebrating Lloyd’s birthday in the iconic Ronnies, and Matt, Andre, Rodrigo and Fran enjoyed a trip to the watch Ice hockey at Parc Olympique where the Bouquetins won 5-2 in a thrilling game against Ours Villard de Lans!

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