SOS it’s half term week! The Three Valleys were awash with punters (we’re allowed to call them that now that we’re seasonnaires…) but L2 training resumed and plenty of the usual shenanigans were enjoyed.

✏️  The week started off with a rare dump of snow – not what Méribel has been used to this season! Libby is said to have very much enjoyed the fresh powder (I’m not sure if this report is tinged with a hint of sarcasm, but happy for you either way Libby!).

✏️  Libby wasn’t the only one enjoying the snow… it’s half term and the resort filled up with happy holiday makers. Chaos ensued – crashes and queuing here, there and everywhere but, luckily, the madness phased out by the weekend.

✏️  After racking up the hours of shadowing that was required of them, the students got back to proper Level 2 training and are all booked in to do the exam, exciting!

✏️  The group took a trip to the Parc Olympic to watch some local Ice Hockey teams… Les Bouquetins beat Poitiers 13-3.

✏️   No injuries as such this week (halleluiah!) but Roi suffered with kidney stones! Wishing you a speedy recovery Roi!

✏️  SnowSkool also conducted a very important research trip to the Val Thorens Folie Douce – just to make sure it’s not cheaper or better in any way. All in the name of research!

✏️  The crew also hit Ronnies (of course). Max got rinsed for getting a taxi to avoid the bus queue… but that didn’t stop them all hopping on in!

✏️  The partying continued back in the chalets – Joe started a Spotify playlist for Chalet Daurel, search ‘Daurel Dirtbags’ if you’re interested in feeling like you’re one of the gang!

✏️  In Chalet Camelia, Andy and Ari hosted an ‘oldies night’ which was thoroughly enjoyed by all ages.

✏️  And last but not least, Jacob brought his dog for a show and tell. Dogs are the best.

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