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Want to get a feel for what your instructor training will be like? We’ve broken down a few ‘need to knows’ – similar applies for both our snowboard instructor courses and our ski instructor courses.

How do you decide the training groups on a SnowSkool course?

On some SnowSkool courses, groups are allocated based on experience/ ability level whereas on other SnowSkool courses, groups are more randomly allocated. There is no right or wrong way. The benefits of allocating groups based on experience/ ability level is pretty self-explanatory but there are also a lot of advantages in terms of group learning when the allocation is conducted more randomly. You’ll find that you all get up to a similar level pretty quickly.

How many trainees are there per trainer or group?

This differs per SnowSkool instructor course but we guarantee no more than eight trainees per trainer in Big White in Canada and New Zealand but we do allow one more per trainer in Banff in Canada, Three Valleys in France and Zell am See in Austria.

In practice, however, group numbers tend to be less than the guaranteed maximum. We have tracked group numbers over the past ten years and the average across all SnowSkool courses is 7.1 trainees per trainer over the course of the season!

What are the training hours and intensity on a SnowSkool course?

The training hours and intensity of our instructor courses varies from resort to resort. For example, on the BASI course in France (our most intense and difficult course) you have fewer hours of tuition, but more hours of work experience (shadowing at a ski/board school) in addition to a ten hour first-aid course, a tuning workshop and BASI child protection module.

At the other end of the spectrum is the course in Big White – this course gives you the most training time in the run up to your exams, as the shadowing/work experience element is not required.

Can I go home at any point, or miss any training on the course?

Your weekends are free for you to roam as you wish (we will have some extra-curricular activities planned occasionally). However, any time taken out mid-week may affect your learning, as we can’t pause the course for individuals’ trips home. That said, you will probably be able to catch up on some missed days training – it’s the fixed exam dates you don’t want to be missing.

Hopefully these answers help you on your way to a SnowSkool course

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