We've been running ski instructor courses and snowboard instructor courses (not to mention improver courses and internships!) since 2003. In that time, we've been asked a lot of questions!

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Ability & choosing an instructor course

Which SnowSkool course is for me?

Am I too young for the course?

Am I too old for the course?

How much skiing/snowboarding experience do I need?

Do I need to be fit for the course?

Are flights included?

Can I book onto a Canada course without flights?


Kit, packing & pre-course preparation

What kit will I need for on the snow?

What kit will I need for off the snow?

What kind of skis should I buy?

Can I use any skis for the course?

What kind of snowboard should I buy?

What insurance do I need?

What prep can I do before the course?

Do I need to be able to speak a second language?


The instructor course & qualifications

Which qualifications are best?

Can I teach after the course?

What’s the pass rate?

Where can I work with my qualification?

Is there any written work on the course?

Is the Level 2 exam included?

How many trainees per trainer? 

How do you decide the training groups?


SnowSkool accommodation

How do you decide the rooming?

Can I have my own room?

Can I bring my partner?

Can I have family & friends to visit?

Can I bring my dog/ cat/ pet snake?

Can I wash my pants?

Can I stay in the accommodation after the course?

Can I book onto the course without accommodation?


Finance & payments on a SnowSkool course

Can I pay SnowSkool fees in instalments?

Can I pay SnowSkool fees after the course?

If I cancel, will you refund my deposit?

Do I have to pay in British Pounds?

How much money will I need during the course?

Should I bring a credit card?

Will my ATM card work?


General life doing an instructor course

How much downtime is there?

What’s the drinking age?

Can I get a part-time job while I’m on the course?

Will my phone work?

Can I go home at any point in the course?

Can I drive out to France ... is there somewhere to park?

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