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Skis and snowboards, the tools of the trade, literally! Don’t panic, you don’t need anything super-specialised or specific for your ski instructor course, ski internship or snowboard instructor course, however you don’t want to be held back by the quality of your gear. We’ll explain you all you need to know about the right equipment for your course.

Can I use any skis for the course?

Technically, yes. The choice of what ski you use for the SnowSkool course is ultimately yours, but we will provide you with a Guide to Buying Skis (and Guide to Buying a Snowboard) document to educate you on the ins & outs of what to look for in a pair of skis or a snowboard. Following the advice offered by SnowSkool will make learning and passing the exams more likely!

What kind of skis should I buy?

Simply put, you need all-mountain skis. The majority of your training and assessment will be done on piste and a massive pair of fat powder skis will make your job harder! We’ve written a guide to skis for the course, with some specific suggestions.

What kind of snowboard should I buy?

Go for a mid-stiffness, traditional camber board. The majority of your training and assessment will be done on piste and a board that isn’t suited to it will hold you back. We’ve written a guide to boards for the course, with some specific suggestions. You should also check out this article ‘Five of the best boards for snowboard instructor courses’, it’s a little old now – but the advice is still solid so look for similar models.

Will this mean you’re getting new kit??
Out with the old…

Fear not! Here’s some ingenious DIY projects, to give your old ski and board gear a new lease of life:


Hopefully this helps you on your way to booking a SnowSkool instructor course!

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