Working from Home vs Working as a Ski Instructor 

The months of lockdown over the past year have been long and depressing for everyone, to say the least! And it’s been made that bit worse with the complete inability of being able to go skiing or snowboarding this season - try not to cry again! 

So here at SnowSkool, lockdown has left us with a bit more time on our hands and has got us thinking about all the time we’re spending working from home, like so many others currently. 

Then we started thinking about the differences between working from home in comparison to working in the office, which got us questioning what’s the best office space? Is it, the conventional office office, the home bedroom/kitchen office or the mountains office? Surely that’s a no brianer, the mountains… right?!

Well, to settle the debate we decided to make a comparison infographic of working from home versus working as a ski instructor - yes we really went deep into this! 

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working from home vs working as a ski instructor infographic

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