These rooming questions feature in our FAQs! (Click to see more frequently asked questions).

Your fellow ski/snowboard course mates will be who you’ll live with and spend a lot of time with. Unsurprisingly, you want to know how accommodation and rooming works, to get the most out of your experience.

The accommodation varies in each of our resorts. Check out the individual resort pages, for specific details.

We’ve even written some top tips, on how to be a great roomie!

How does SnowSkool decide the rooming?

We decide rooming based loosely on the personality sliders you’ll edit on your MySkool profile, and from our conversations with you. While we try to room you with like-minded people, we also want a balance/ mix of people in each chalet or accommodation, so we take that into account too.

Can I have my own room?

You can book a private room on the SnowSkool courses in Big White, France and Saas Fee. But get ‘em before they’re gone, as there will be a finite amount available in each accommodation.

Can I bring my partner on my SnowSkool course?

Whether or not your partner is doing the SnowSkool course, they are welcome to join the group on the SnowSkool programmes in Big White in Canada, Three Valleys in France and Saas Fee in Switzerland.

The accommodation we have in Banff in Canada and Wanaka in New Zealand is not suitable for couples. Please contact the SnowSkool team for organisational details and pricing for a partner.

Can I have family & friends to visit?

Yes of course ... However, family & friends are not able to stay in the SnowSkool accommodation (even if you have booked a private room). It often impacts on the dynamics and experience of the group within that specific accommodation. That said, SnowSkool is happy to book and/ or advise on alternative local accommodations, so that you can spend some times with your nearest and dearest!

It also always worth checking the SnowSkool course schedule so that you can make sure to avoid important weeks.

Can I bring my dog/cat/pet snake along?

Unfortunately, no. Of course, if you book the SnowSkool course without accommodation and your landlord is cool with house-pets then go for it!

Can I wash my pants?

In all SnowSkool apartments, hostels & lodges there are laundry facilities so no need to wear pants inside-out and then back-to-front - just throw them through that round hole into the white machine and hit the ON button! In Meribel, there is a launderette in town where you can carry out the necessary refresh.

Can I stay in the accommodation after the course?

Yes. We make accommodation available after each and every SnowSkool, course although this is only available at an additional cost. Where possible, we also try to make accommodation before each and every SnowSkool course... again at an additional cost

Can I book onto a SnowSkool course without accommodation?

Yes. Every SnowSkool course is available without accommodation and meals. Please ask the team for a reduced price so that you can book your own digs.

Hopefully this helps you on your way to a SnowSkool instructor course!

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