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Snowboard Instructor ... as cool as jobs come. Not only does it mean you are awesome at a sport but this is an uber sport and you're so lit that, not only are you a highly-trained athlete, but you're a coach too with a bag of tricks that enables you to pass your skills on to others. It's fair to say that you, my friend, are the GOAT!

Once the mental images of you hucking cliffs, riding deep powder and leaving punters in your wake have died down, you may wish to spare a through to where you would like to train as a snowboard instructor and one influencer of this could be the qualification body through which you wish to gain certification. Over in Canada, SnowSkool works with the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors, whilst in France it is BASI all the way and SBINZ in New Zealand. No prizes for guessing this final acronym!

Of course you may not know which snowboard qualification is best for you. And that's fine ... that is what the SnowSkool team is here to advise you on. For now, content yourself with the fact that the snowboard instructor qualifications offered on all SnowSkool courses are certified by examination authorities that are paid-up members of ISIA (International Snowsport Instructors' Association) whose role is to set and maintain the high standards of snowsports instructors the world over.

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