Snowboard instructor qualifications in New Zealand

In New Zealand, SnowSkool runs a snowboard instructors course at Cardrona on the south island. Conforming to the local culture, we train you to the standards and exams set down by the SBINZ (Snowboard Instructors of New Zealand). SBINZ is an active member of ISIA (the International Snowboard Instructors’ Alliance) which regulates the equivalency between the different countrys' codes and upholds members to work as snowboard instructors internationally.

SBINZ Level 1 Snowboard Instructor


The SBINZ Level 1 qualification is an entry-level qualification during which the candidate is assessed on their teaching ability and their technical skiing. 

From a technical perspective, you need to be able to ride blue runs with good speed and control.  You need to be able to perform a neat skidded turn on green terrain – both riding normally and switch.  You’ll also be expected to demonstrate basic freestyle including ollies and 50/50 on a small easy box.

On the teaching side, you’ll need to lead a 15-minute lesson teaching a beginner level skill.

After completing the exam, you will be able to teach beginner snowboarders on-piste taking them down a green run linking turns.  You’ll also be able to teach entry level freestyle.

SBINZ Level 2 Snowboard Instructor


As with the Level 1, the SBINZ Level 2 certification assesses your technical and teaching skills.

You’ll need to be able to ride with good flow and style on all groomed and off-piste terrain; you’ll need to demonstrate skidded turns both forwards and switch on intermediate terrain; you’ll need to demonstrate carving to a high-level; you’ll need to demonstrate freestyle to an intermediate level – including nose rolls, board slide, straight airs and 180s.

From a teaching perspective, you’ll need to lead a 30-minute session on an intermediate riding skill demonstrating the skills of a good teacher.

As a Level 2 instructor you’ll be able to teach carving on intermediate terrain and freestyle up to intermediate level. You’ll also be able to introduce riders to off-piste riding.

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