Make 2023 the year to do your instructor course!

It’s been a hell of a couple of years but, for the first time in a while, things are looking very good for getting a SnowSkool course away. So far we have been pleading for things to change so that SnowSkool could run ski and snowboard instructor courses at their fullest... now we're pleading for things to stay the same… it feels like a much better situation to be in! Every day that passes is one day closer to doing our favorite thing - clicking boots into bindings and dropping in!


Our 2022 courses are underway and, to be honest, everyone's having a blast. We couldn't possibly take these deals away from future SnowSkoolers - not just yet!! So we're extending our 'early-bird deals' (I think we can all agree they're not all that early anymore...)

The current Banff students, who didn't bag an early-bird deal with two weeks extra accommodation, are now hastily booking-up an additional two weeks: to make the most of their season passes and stay out with their new pals. The gang in Big White, who nabbed a £500 discounts, are all cruising around on brand new skis and boards, perfectly suited to the Canadian snow. And, let me tell you, travel logistics are another bit of admin to scramble your brain pre-course... so let SnowSkool sort your flight and transfer if you head to France!

SnowSkool Banff, Canada 

13 weeks from 10th January to 7th April 2023
PRICE: £8750. Book before 31st December 2021 28th February 2022 and get an extra two weeks’ accommodation!!!

SnowSkool Big White, Canada

11 weeks from 12th January to 29th March 2023
PRICE: £8650. Book before 31st December 2021 28th February 2022 and get a discount of £500!!!

SnowSkool Three Valleys, France

11 weeks from 15th January to 30th March 2023
PRICE: £8750. Book before 31st December 2021 28th February 2022 and we will pay for your flights & transfers!!!

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about any of these courses and grab one of the places with an early-bird discount!!!

Big love!

SnowSkool Team

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