Nothing like a bluebird for some truly rad times. We’ll be shredding and sending and bombing. And enjoying steezy moves while riders stomp it. Fresh pow or corduroy – it's all sick to us. Respect to the park rats and their jibs and kookoo tricks. 

Have you progressed from pizza to french fries yet? We know things can sometimes be a bit zeechy and all skiers and snowboarders will bail sometimes, incurring the odd yard sale. Brain buckets are a must! Especially on those gnarly runs. 

Got that?!


Snowsports lingo is ever evolving

Here’s a short A-Z of some of my favourites from Jason Dow’s (international snowboard competition judge) snowboarding dictionary:

A Airdog – a snowboarder who jumps most of the time and is most interested in aerial tricks 

B Bluebird– a beautiful day e.g Cuttin’ the pow pow on a bluebird day’ 

C Crust-Bustin’ – glorious in every way 

D Dope – to say that was good, great, excellent! Also the name of one of our fave clothing brands 

E Epic  - anything that is totally awesome 

F Fraggle – term for accident involving two snowboarders, when the boards entangle causing injury 

G Goofy – riding with the right foot in front instead of the left foot which is the normal stance 

H Hukfest – a gathering of snowboarders riding as hard and wild as possible 

I Icephalt – a run so icy that you’d be better off on skates.  

J Joey – beginner skier / sowboarder with a gap between his or her goggles and helment 

K Kookoo –doing something that is a bit crazy but awesomely entertaining eg a kookoo run, a kookoo move 

L Leaf – to sway from side to side all the way down the hill 

M Mofo – a ski instructor 

N Nuke – to bomb a hill 

O Oscar – a person who has all the nice things such as nice board, nice outfit but sucks at snowboarding. They are really good at acting so they deserve an oscar. 

P Pargnar -  partially gnarly 

Q QP – quarter pipe  

R Raptor – boarder who rides with his or her arms out, much like a tight rope walker 

S Shred Sled – a snowboard 

T Tight – a term used to express extreme joy. 

W Wack – something that is not good eg ‘it’s pretty wack that my board broke in half’ 

Y Yard Sale – when a boarder (or skier) bails so hard their hat/goggle/et go flying. ‘Did you see that gnar yard sale?’ 

But the snowsports lexicon is huge

Want to increase your sowsports vocabulary? Just google and you will find a myriad sites listing the lingo. Here are a few for starters: 

In the meantime SnowSkool courses have begun in Banff, Big White and Méribel. Reps and students are settling in and we look forward to hearing the latest news soon. Watch this space.

And do be in touch to discuss your ski or snowboard instructor course plans. We now offer internships too. 


Writer Kate Swainson Price

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