What makes the best ski instructor course??
The ingredients for a superior snowboard instructor course??

We reckon you need:

  • a buzzing resort,
  • solid snowfall,
  • plentiful powderfields,
  • fun accommodation,
  • tonnes of decent grub,
  • elite trainers who know their stuff –
  • oh, and a mega-organised, team of legends running the whole thing!

We sit in SnowSkool HQ all year planning ski and snowboard instructor courses but, on the ground in resort, it’s our Course Leaders who get stuff done.

We’re delighted to introduce Holly – our Course Leader in Canada’s Big White this season. Holly got the job wrangling SnowSkoolers… because she used to be one! Holly actually did the Banff SnowSkool course back in 2017 and, since then, she’s been working as a ski instructor at Mt Buller in Australia, The Remarkables in New Zealand and back in the UK at Snozone Castleford.

Meet SnowSkool Big White’s Course Leader, Holly

What are you most looking forward to about this season?

Meeting some really cool SnowSkoolers and skiing to my heart’s content!

Did you manage to ski last season?

I did! I was very lucky to get away to Austria for a week in February just before lockdown.

Have you done a season before?

Yes. I did my first season in Banff with SnowSkool back in 2017. Since then, I have worked as a ski instructor at Mt Buller in Australia, The Remarkables in New Zealand and then at Snozone in Castleford!

What’s your go-to chairlift snack?

Chocolate. Every time.

What’s your pet-hate in a ski resort?

The cold!

Are you first-lifts or last-at-the-bar?

First lifts always!

Do you ski or snowboard?

I ski but I am in the process of learning to snowboard.

What do you do on a white-out day?

Get my flat light goggles on!

What’s your best icebreaker on a long, quiet chairlift?

Randomly come out with a terrible, long-winded joke that will last the entire journey.

Where’s your favourite place to ski or ride?

You may call me boring but I actually really enjoy the piste.

What’s your most precious bit of ski kit?

My ski boots for sure!

Best outfit you’ve seen on the slopes?

A little kid dressed up as a dinosaur.



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