A very important piece of research has been conducted: what is the best sandwich to take up the mountain? 

This rigorous process required sandwiches to be constructed in a white baguette (Méribel research team) or a classic sliced white (Banff division). The sandwiches were wrapped in either tin foil, cling film or a plastic sandwich bag. Following this, sandwiches were required to be stored in a jacket pocket or backpack and carried for a minimum of two hours ski or board time. The sardines were put together either the morning of, or the night before (assembly time has been taken into consideration for final score!).  

Food is fuel on the mountain, but a delicious sandwich can really turn a good day into a great day. Here’s our pick, but we would love to know your favourite feeds! 

Brie and cranberry 

  • You could sub brie for any cheese really  
  • You could sub cranberry for any jam (yes really!) or sweet chilli 
  • Takes seconds to prep 
  • Doesn’t budge once constructed 
  • You can get some really decent cheese in the Alps  
  • Probably need some kind of vegetable vitamins 

Ski sarnie score: 8/10 

Bacon, lettuce and tomato 

  • Feels like a proper grown-up sandwich 
  • The tomatoes get the bread a bit soggy 
  • Looks delicious so people watching you eat it in the bubble will get jealous 
  • Just a couple of minutes to prep (if your bacon is already cooked) 

Ski sarnie score: 6/10 

Meatball sub 

  • Assuming you’ve made meatballs in sauce the night before (as you do) 
  • You will be so excited to eat it, you’ll be thinking about it constantly on the slopes 
  • Proved too messy to consume on a chairlift 
  • Large potential for pocket/backpack sauce explosion 

Ski sarnie score: 3/10 

Salami, Boursin cheese, Dijon mayo, rocket 

  • Comes recommended by one of our instructors  
  • Classy combo that is best in France 
  • Quite strong smelling to eat on a lift (awks) 
  • INCREDIBLY tasty 
  • Tad on the pricey side  

Ski sarnie score: 7/10 

Egg salad 

  • Feels healthy and nutritious 
  • A bit too stinky when eaten in a bubble (sorry!) 
  • Requires a bit of kitchen admin 
  • Needs a strong bread to maintain structure 

Ski sarnie score: 5/10 

Peanut butter and jam 

  • Feels like your parents wouldn’t approved 
  • The sandwich comes together in seconds - perfect if you’re running late 
  • Make use of jars sitting in your fridge/cupboard 
  • Pretty tidy in the pocket or backpack 
  • Getting squashed kind of adds to the flavour and gooey-ness 

Ski sarnie score: 7/10 

There are countless more sandwich combinations that will demand a trial on the hill (ok, if you insist!), but this was a very strong start. Key learnings: backpack explosions are a real hazard. As is the risk of stinking out a bubble with egg or garlic… 

The winners (cheese + chutney or peanut butter + jam) both boasted strong structures and quick construction. These sandwiches are by no means the most nutritious in our list - so there may be some room for improvement there! 

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