5th February 2023

The delay of the group Transatlantic flight from London, UK to Calgary, Alberta could have caused a problem but, fortunately, the connecting flight was also delayed and so we managed to meet up with SnowSkool Sales Manager, Jamie and arrive in Big White almost on time!

And there was a whole lot of fresh powder waiting for us ... so much so that the the bus got stuck in the snow in Happy Valley. Fortunately the strong and brave SnowSkoool group were on hand to help push the bus onwards and to the apartments where fresh pizza was waiting for all the hungry travellers. 

The first few days were pretty chilled ... important to spend a few days settling in, unpacking, getting to know new course mates, loosening off ski legs and acclimating to the conditions. Acclimatisation is no more important than for the Aussie who leave home where temperatures are 40C and arrive in Canada where temperatures are -20C (or even colder!)   

To help everyone to get to know the ski hill better, we did a "riddle scavenger hunt" when everyone had their lift pass. All the SnowSkoolers had to try to find the locations around the mountain on skis and get creative. Two of our group (Steph and JJ) didn't have their gear yet (Steph's got lost in Spain and JJ was waiting to get his boots fitted) but they did not let that stop them though. They got together to form an "on-foot" team and got really creative! It was a very tough decision but we ended up with 2 winning teams, one of which was JJ and Steph on foot and the other was Lydia, Lydia, Sachin and Emma's team. The winners won bragging rights and a drink in our favourite bar in Big White, Snowshoe Sam's 

After everyone settled into life in Big White, the routine started to take shape with the beginning of lessons and the first group meal which was all-you-can-eat pasta at The Globe. The first party also happened in th middle weekend. Flo, Lydia, Beate, Shaun, Arif, Lydia, Harrison and Ralf hosted the first party at their apartment in the Raven building with some nice props - the apartment has its own pool table and JJ & Darren had brought their own DJ set up and so were spinning the tunes on the old 1s and 2s!

Alll in all, things are going super-well, we have been going to different restaurants and having some great food including a roast dinner at Globe, Tacos at Cantinas, Ribs & Curry at Bullwheel and Beef Brisket at the brand new smoke house, Fourth Ace!

Will update again soon ... ! 

Love from Holly x 

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