3rd March 2023

And just like that we’ve already reached the half way point of the course – where has the time gone! Week 5 and 6 have been busy weeks for the Snow Skool with more first aid, training and working towards their level 2 exams which are just around the corner and plenty of socialising.

We started with Toss the Boss, a classic event hosted by the LDV where punters have the chance to win a free round of drinks at the roll of a dice – very popular with the team but definitely resulted in a few sore heads the next morning! A few of the team came together with the resort rep Hattie for a coffee morning at Jacks bar before heading to their lessons. The team have also been enjoying watching the 6 nations rugby with tensions running high between the different nationalities we have within the snow skool team… bit of health rivalry never hurt no one! The Lys Blanc boys also took their training to the next level when Oliver, Felix, Chris, Lucas and Brayden helped push a car that had got stuck on the icy hill outside their chalet – good shift boys.

Andy has continued to guide the team through their first aid training. The little Anne dolls really have had their work cut out for them – admittedly, Harriet looked like she was getting rather close with one of them… However, I’m pleased to announce that all of the team have passed their first aid training with flying colours. Go team! The team have also been focusing on their project before their hand in next week as well as finalising their action points with the BASS trainers. They have been focusing on short and long turns, central theme, steeps and bumps as they move into their last week of training before their Level 2 exams. I’m also pleased to announce that Ned, Emily, Ollie H, Elly and Jed all passed their level 1 resit – well done guys!  


The team also all came together for a team meal in La Taverne. With so many in attendance we had to book out the whole restaurant to fit everyone in! It was great to see most of the team all together in once place and have some social time off the slopes and away from apres. The team also enjoyed the Blues night at brewers den bar where the live blues band played some classic blues music and was enjoyed by all. Of course, the team have been enjoying the apres scene here in Meribel and have become regular visitors of the Rond Point apres bar. Shout out to Felix for always taking over the dance floor with his moves! It’s been great to see the friendships that have formed over the passed few weeks between the team – its safe to say that many have made some friends for life! The next few weeks consists of level 1 resits, more training towards their level 2 and some more fun activities.

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