GoPros, where would the world be without them? Adventurers wouldn’t be able to film outrageous stunts and feats for a start - and Snowskool wouldn’t be able to create blog posts like this one.

But luckily the world is infested with GoPros. So here are five of the best skiing and snowboarding GoPro videos that we’ve watched recently:



A lionhearted skier outruns an avalanche by skiing straight off a cliff and parachuting to safety. It’s like a Bond movie minus the baddies and bad special effects.


We’ve covered retro videogames on the blog before, and we quite like skiing too. This clip delights us by ticking both boxes:


A few skiers strap hundreds of fluorescent bulbs onto their bodies, before going skiing in the dark and filming it. It’s better than it sounds:



Pugs are small, cute, wrinkly, and good apartment dogs as they are quite relaxed for their size. They are international-class snowboarders:


Peruse your office or building’s health and safety regulations before strapping yourself to a gigantic chain and propelling yourself from the roof.


For the puritans and conservatives, this clip just shows some great powder tricks and jumps on a mountain:


Beware: seagulls are bored with chips and will seize GoPros at the first opportunity. This idiot foolishly allowed his face to be filmed. 

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