There’s not much snow around at this time of year - at least if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere. But if you’re still itching to get on the skis then there are a few places where you can still go.

Here are the top ten best options.

1. Escalators

Snow is seasonal but elevators offer year-round skiing opportunities, which is probably why they’re always so busy. Try and steal a banker’s briefcase on the way down!

2. Underwater

Why settle for mere waterskiing when you can ski underwater?

3. Virtual reality

This looks really great. Never mind snow, you don’t even need skis! Or even trousers.

4. Forests

If you look past all the dirt and deciduous woodland, this is the closest thing on this list to skiing on powder.

5. Clouds

The elitist option, clouds provide a backdrop that looks a bit similar to snow but with a softer feel.

6. Abandoned buildings

“Exceptional skiing can be found in abandoned Alaskan buildings” Conde Naste Business Traveller, 2015 Picks, Jan 2015.

7. Scandinavian Power Plants

Put on skis, find a Scandinavian Waste-Filled Power Plant, with a suitable piste, and enjoy some of the greatest skiing this side of abandoned buildings or clouds.

8. Sand dunes

Sand dunes are the same sort of shape as mountains, at least.

9. Concrete Stairs

Trending in the megacities of China, concrete stairs are a decent option when there are no escalators nearby.

10. Artificial slopes

There are some great artificial slopes out there. The biggest in the world is Alpincenter in Germany, which is a massive 2100ft long.

Don’t fancy any of these much? Then take a look at our courses in the Southern Hemisphere, our ski instructor courses in Cardrona, New Zealand are just about to start! And you can become a snowboard instructor in NZ with Snowskool too!

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