On the first day of Christmas, my true love said ‘let’s ski!’

With not too many shopping days to go, here is our epic list of xmas gift selections for skiers and snowboarders - sure to please the powder hound in your life.

Let's start with...

Xmas gifts for skiers

1. Book: The Greatest Ski Runs on the Planet by Patrick Thorne

"The definitive guide to the most extreme ski runs in the world"

Up to date and comprehensive collection of 50 legendary ski runs. Fast, furious and engaging. A must for every snow addict. Classics from Chamonix, Whistler appear alongside the Himalayas, Andes and Russia. All with breathtaking photos.

Price: £25.00

From: SkiBartlet.com

2. The Ski Wine Rack

Made from ‘a ski that once charged down the Italian slalom', this is ingenious. Okay, it looks odd but it holds wine and it’s a ski. Buy us one already.

Price: £49.00

From: Tin Roof Workshop

3. Ski Cushions

Beautiful, embroidered wool feather-filled ski cushions from Barbara Coupe.

Pro Tip: Snowskool recommends the bed for the application of cushions, rather than the wall.

Price: £65

From: Maisonhartley.com

4. Rupert – The ‘Adorable’ Skiing Taxidermy Mouse.

Someone is stuffing mice and making weird characters out of them and labelling them ’adorable’. We're not sure if we trust Rupert. But he would look super cute on any 4x4 dashboard.

Price: £60

From: Perished Pets

5. The Ski Print

Perfect wall candy for your lounge or bedroom, now you can face each day remembering how to spell your favourite pastime.

Price: $60.00 (£40)

From: Themomentsthatmatter.com

6. Ski Pole Wind Chimes

One day someone was wondering what to do with those old ski poles, then thought, ‘I know, I’ll chop them up into bits and make a dangly ornament.’

Lean in and listen to the calming sound of these wind chimes on a cool, crisp day. And feel the full authority of them against your face when there’s a blizzard.

Price: £27.21

From: Powderpipes

7. Ski Lover’s Chocolate

Bridge Brands describe their products as ‘gourmet-quality, superbly packaged chocolate at a non-gourmet price.’ They look tasty, and they're nicely packaged, but we're not sure that three bars of chocolate for just under $20 is a non-gourmet price.

Price: $19.99 (£13.00)

From: Bridgebrandschocolate.com

8. Ski Lift Bracelet Charm

A beautiful snow charm that comes in silver, white and... yellow!

Price: from £32.50

From: charmnjewelry.com

9. Zippo Hand Warmer

Perfect for skiers and snowboard enthusiasts with cold hands, these give up to 12 hours' warmth from one filling.

Price: $13.09 (£9)

From: Fanspirits

10. The Ski Pole Potato Masher

If Jamie Oliver did ski poles, and mountains were made of mashed potato. Why not buy two of these and give them to very tiny skiers?

Price: £11.50

From: Giftswithstyle.com

And now...

Xmas gifts for snowboarders

1. Burton Boardin’ Boot Bookends:

More than just a violent burst of alliteration, these clever snowboard boot bookends are not only a great talking point, they look heavy enough to be implements of murder for another Christmas episode of Eastenders.

Price: £43.16

From: PBTeen

2. Fifty Places To Ski & Snowboard Before You Die:

Snow porn at its finest, this book is packed with amazing photographs and features the greatest places around the globe to get your ski fix. Note to buyer: you’re meant to complete all fifty before dying. That said, is there a better way to tell a loved one to go jump off a cliff this Christmas?

Price: £16.00

From: The Great Gift Company

3. Siberian Fur Headband

Or The Donald Trump SIberian Fur Headband. The best way to look like a complete *CENSORED* this Christmas. 

Price: £7.99

From: The Scarf Shop

4. Rossignol ‘Trick Stick’ Snowboard Chair:

This is a pricey yet neat piece of furniture, ideal for eco-warriors and very short snowboarders.

Price: £249.00

From: TinRoofWorkshop 

5. Snowboarding Monopoly:

A perfect, relaxing way to spend game night with your loved ones. Pull up a chair and prepare to have hours of fun, using pleasing everyday phrases like, ‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU PUT THREE HOUSES ON THE CANYONS!?’

Price: £59.75

From: Monopoly

6. Snowboard & Snowflake Necklace:

Because nothing says ‘marriage is at least twelve more ski seasons away’ quite like a gift of delicate snowboard jewellery.

Price: £46.44

From: Ruby Tuesday Accessories

7. Snowboard Wine Rack:

This is both essential and useful. The board becomes lighter and easier to handle with each bottle you empty.

Price: £116.19

From: Forest Furniture

8. Snowboarding Wall Clock:

As we all know, every day is snowboarding time, and we think this snowboarding silhouette clock is a pretty cool reminder of that.

Price: £15.67

From: SolPixieDust

9. Centurian Helmet

This knitted helmet might not save your brain in a fall situation, but it will raise a couple of eyebrows when you try to take it off.

Price: £24.38

From: Paintcrochet

10. The Burton Cable Snowboard Lock

Is it a radio? Is it a James Bond style-e mini walkie talkie? No.

Price: £8.44

From: Burton

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