SnowSkool runs a range of courses for skiers & snowboarders and, whereas it is simple enough to articulate the difference between a ski course and a snowboard course, some of you may find it a little more difficult to work out whether you want to do an instructor course, an internship or an improver course. This short guide should help you to clear things up!


We will offer you the training and exams to become a qualified snowboard instructor or ski instructor. 

These courses are still occasionally referred to as “gap courses” because of their popularity with young people on a gap year between School and University or between University and embarking on a career. The popularity endures to this day but the gap year crowd has been joined on SnowSkool instructor courses by people taking a career break or sabattical from their working lives. Regardless of your age or background, SnowSkool instructor courses give you the professional qualifications to make you eligible to begin a career in ski or snowboard instructing and SnowSkool’s recruitment service will help to make this a reality.  

SnowSkool has a range of instructor training courses with a duration of between 2 weeks and 13 weeks and in locations in Canada, France and New Zealand. Short courses last between 2 weeks and 5 weeks and, on these courses, you can gain the Level 1 qualification. Longer courses last between 11 and 13 weeks and you will have the opportunity to sit the Level 1 and Level 2 exams. In all, we offer the qualifications of six different internationally-recognised examination bodies.   

Sound like a perfect plan to you, but no idea which course to pick? Get in touch and chat with one of our team to help make that decision a little bit easier.

Ski Instructor Courses
Snowboard Instructor Courses


Similar to the instructor courses, SnowSkool internships also give you the training and exams to become a qualified ski instructor. Where they differ is that the internships also offer you the opportunity to work as a ski instructor within the Ski School and to get paid for that work.

SnowSkool internships are available in Austria and Switzerland and have a duration of between 15 weeks and 17 weeks.

SnowSkool internships require a high level of skiing ability
SnowSkool internships require a good level of spoken English AND either French or German
SnowSkool internships are only open to skiers
SnowSkool internships are only open to those with a passport from the EU

If you can tick all those boxes, clicking the link below could be the start of the best idea you ever have!

Ski Instructor Internships



Are you a confident skier or snowboarder looking for a ski holiday with a (BIG) difference? 

SnowSkool has a good range of improver courses that will resonate with every skier and snowboarder. This is not about passing exams or learning a new technique in minute detail, this is about having fun in the park, in the backcountry or after being dropped in the middle of nowhere by a helicopter. 

Developed with strong skiers and snowboarders in mind, these courses have been designed to take you from good to great. 

Freestyle courses
Piste-to-powder courses
Big mountain courses
Backcountry/ heli-ski or heli-board courses

Courses last between 7 days and 10 days and take place at resorts throughout France and Canada.  

Ski Improver Courses
Snowboard Improver Courses

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