Snowboard instructor qualifications in Canada

If you want to train to become a snowboard instructor in Canada, you need to ride and teach according to the standards set down by CASI (Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors). SnowSkool snowboard courses in Canada take place in Banff and Big White and both offer training up to Level 2 standard. CASI is a member of ISIA (the International Snowboard Instructors Alliance) and, as such, CASI instructors are entitled to work as snowboard instructors throughout the world, subject to achieving certain levels.

CASI Level 1 Snowboard Instructor


This is the entry level qualification for snowboarder instructors and during the course, you will be assessed on both your riding technique and your teaching of snowboarding.

In terms of technique, you should be able to ride on intermediate terrain demonstrating good speed and control.  You’ll need to show the three basic riding competencies – centred and mobile position; turning with the lower body; balance over the working edge – to your trainer.  You will also need to demonstrate that you can vary your technique to different turn types and snow conditions.

As a teacher at this level, you will need to demonstrate beginner and intermediate manoeuvers.  You’ll also need to demonstrate your teaching skills by showing that you can communicate clearly and effectively in a positive way and by providing positive and relevant feedback to help riders improve.

Once successful, you’ll be able to teach beginner up to early-intermediate snowboarders.

CASI Level 2 Snowboard Instructor


On the CASI Level 2 certification course, you’ll be evaluated on your teaching and riding skills.

Teaching expectations are, unsurprisingly, raised at level 2.  You will be expected to choose terrain for your teaching demonstrations that are suitable and safe for novice and intermediate riders and you’ll be expected to demonstrate technically correct novice and intermediate skills.

From a technical perspective, you’ll need to show the three basic riding competencies – centred and mobile position, turning with the lower body and balance over the working edge on intermediate terrain.  You’ll also need to ride groomed and un-groomed intermediate terrain with good speed and control.  Your trainer will also expect you to be able to adjust your skills to provide technically sound demonstrations of sliding turns, basic carved turns and basic freestyle manoeuvers.

As a level 2 instructor, you will be able to teach snowboarding up to an intermediate level.

CASI Snow Park 1


The 2-day CASI Park Instructor 1 course is for those of you who are interested in freestyle snowboarding and are keen to gain the qualification to teach beginners in the park.  You’ll need to demonstrate a completed 180 degree rotation in both front and backside directions on a small terrain park jump; that you can create minimal edge angle on box/rail features; that you can perform a 50 / 50 on a small rail or box feature; that you can complete straight airs (with grab) on a small terrain park jump.  You'll also be taught how to break these tricks down into individual elements so you can not only demonstrate them but teach them as well!

After obtaining this qualification, you’ll be able to teach groups on freestyle terrain and introduce them to beginner features in the park.

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