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The word from SnowSkool Big White 2015 - Week 7

Last week's cloud vanished and we spent the first week of L2 training under gloriously sunny skies. But enough's enough and we were thrilled when our snow dancing paid off and the fluffy white stuff started to fall.

The week that was - SnowSkool Banff 2015 - Week 5

A week off from training has made for the occasional lie-in this week as well as lots of different activities - avalanche awareness training, perfecting new tricks in the park, a trip to the ice hockey, shooting some hoops, a soak in the legendary hot springs. It's all been happening here at SnowSkool in Banff!

The word from SnowSkool Big White 2015 - Week 6

It's been another big week in Biggy, getting back into full-on lessons after the L1 exams. This week also featured avalanche safety training and a hike up to the top of East Peak to practice full-on retrieval.

Le blog from SnowSkool France 2015 - Week 5

Our goggle-tans are nicely topped up after another week under sunny skies. The guys started clocking up the 70-hours worth of instructor shadowing needed to sit for the Level 2, just ahead of the crazy mid-term holiday break this coming week.

The week that was - SnowSkool Banff 2015 - Week 4

We did it! The Skoolers of Banff 2015 delivered a 100% pass-rate for the Level 1 exams in both skiing and boarding. None to shabby an effort and a great end to the first part of the season here in the beautiful Canadian Rockies.

The week that was - SnowSkool Banff 2015 - Week 3

We’re back with news from Banff where we’ve had another great week with some sizeable snowfalls making for great conditions. We’ve also been out exploring and experiencing the local area and customs – a day trip to Lake Louise, trekking to the Sunshine igloo, dipping in the hot pools (and riding the slides) – and taking in the SuperBowl at Wild Bills!

Le blog from SnowSkool France 2015 - Week 4

It was a sunny but much colder start to a busy week for the SnowSkool students. After all the snowfalls last week, on-piste conditions were lovely, and perfect for practicing carving and technical skiing aspects required for the BASI exams. The students completed their first aid and avi awareness courses ... and competed fiercely in our intramural pool and bowling competitions!

The week that was - SnowSkool Banff 2015 - Week 2

Greetings from beautiful Banff where we've completed another week of training at Sunshine Village, which certainly lived up to its name with some magic bluebird days this week. We also managed some celebrations - it was Australia Day on Monday and then this weekend, a very tasteful karaoke party in the Storm Cellar to mark the occasion of Tom and James's birthdays.

The word from SnowSkool Big White 2015 - Week 4

Welcome back to Big White where we have completed another successful week of training – our very last one before next week’s Level 1 exams. We've enjoyed a week of bluebird days and until the white stuff starts to fall, we'll keep practicing our teaching and improving our technique under lovely sunny skies.

Le blog from SnowSkool France 2015 - Week 3

It was back into normal afternoon lessons this week with the troops moving on from Level 1 with feedback from instructors on what techniques need to be improved for the big step-up to Level 2. And work hard they did - especially on Friday after a big dump of the fluffy white stuff made for what many thought was the best day of the season so far.