Here we are, back reporting about our last week in Biggy.  The weekend brought with it pretty poor weather but on Saturday, most SnowSkoolers still it the hill to enjoy their day off and use all the new skills they learnt during the week.  By the end of the day, Justine was the queen of the half pipe and Alex B was managing to spin in the pipe!  After Danny and Keepo’s party the previous night, no one was in need of another massive effort although some of the crew still headed to Sam’s for a few cheeky drinks.

Come Sunday, it was the worst viz so far so a most spent the morning chilling before meeting up at Raven to build a kicker. Elli, Georgia and Ieuan found a small cliff drop and managed to have some spectacular but very amusing falls and Luke, Mike and Will managed to land some 360s off the kicker.   Alex took some great shots and Georgia and Tash nailed some awesome videos.  We all had dinner at The Deli before most went to Sam’s for a few drinks and an early night in preparation for training. 
All the Snowskoolers met at 9.30am on Monday and were moved around into a few different groups for this week’s lessons. Brad had bought a new board the previous day so was stoked with some blue skies to test out his new ride!  A lot of the groups headed to The Bakery for lunch – THE BEST PULLED PORK SANDWICHES ON THE MOUNTAIN / IN CANADA!  After lessons most people went to Sam’s for après, although a few returned to their apartments and jumped into the hot tubs to relax before dinner.
Another good day on the hill on Tuesday.  A lot of progress was made but also a bad accident meant Katie had to go to the medical centre with what turned out to be a broken wrist!  Sunny had been living the dream at the Bullwheel every lunchtime, as it had become his “local” for the last few days as he rests after a fall. Guinness is supposedly speeding up his recovery! He was also joined by Mike, Nick, George, Danny, Duncan, Ana and Brett for the lunchtime break between lessons.  It was back to Sam’s at the end of the day – and again after dinner!  Greg spent the evening sculpting the Raven kicker while everyone else just chilled in their apartments and watched movies. The intense training is certainly tiring everyone out!
There was some pretty heavy snowfall on Wednesday so everyone headed to the trees in the morning. At lunch it became clear that some SnowSkoolers had indeed got a little to close to said trees and had come away with a few minor war wounds, but nothing too serious.  It continued to snow in the afternoon and the powder was fantastic.  Some groups went to find fresh tracks while others headed down to Happy Valley for some teaching practice.  After lessons, many headed to Raven to hit the kicker one more time.  Alex was on the camera again and hoping to get the perfect shot so he could win the photo competition … again!  After dinner a load went to Sam’s but the remainder headed to Stonegate to play pool and air hockey.
Awesome blue skies on Thursday meant everyone was busting to get back out.   Will’s group of snowboarders were making great progress and enjoying the tree powder runs although Jake spent a fair bit of time hitting those trees! Check out the photos for the evidence! They spent the morning warming up and doing teaching practice so they could do some intense riding and enjoy the weather in the afternoon.  After dinner Albi, Monty, Andrew H, Greg and Jake headed out to the mountain to go night riding while the rest headed home.  It looked like there was very sad news today that Katie was to return home to Australia for surgery on her injured wrist BUT she managed to the insurance company that she really needed to stay  hear with us.  Katie will have surgery in Kelowna next week and even though she'll have to take some time out from training, we'd rather have her here than heading home.  Clearly, that law degree she just completed was good for something!!! 
It was another beautiful day in Big White on Friday with amazing skies and mild temperatures.  The skiers spent the morning exploring the mountain, working on the techniques they have learned over the last few weeks and then they headed down to do some teaching practice. The snowboarders spent some of the morning and all of the afternoon in the park where they had enormous fun on the boarder cross course.  After lessons, we all went down to Happy Valley and played some ice hockey. Most people were pretty new to the sport but some had obviously played before, Nico, Luke and Duncan in particular! We had specially selected teams and played a few matches but by the end it was a free for all and carnage on the ice!  We all had drinks and food afterwards at Happy Valley. Mike, James, Holly, Alice and Tom hosted a party at Timbers in the evening to celebrate the end of Week 3!  IT’S GOING SO QUICKLY IT’S UNBELIEVABLE! 
Click here for some pics, including some of us playing ice hockey (ish).
Glad we could catch up.  We'll be back in touch next weekend with news of our last week of training before the L1 - YIKES!
Cheers dears
Adrian Gourlay (Course Leader) and George Freeman (Course Host)
SnowSkool Big White 2012
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