The gear you ski or ride in, for your instructor course or season, needs to fulfil a few purposes. It needs to be practical: warm, waterproof, comfortable etc. You want it to look good - it’s a way to express yourself on the mountain (other than your outlandish riding style!). And you want it to be on trend, fit in, and signal that you’re a seasonnaire! 

If you are in the market for new kit, we wrote another blog about how to choose between types of ski jacket. Here, we’re recommending five brands that we love and think you should know about. 

Armada – the classic cool 

Based out of Utah but founded in a California basement, Armada never seem to get it wrong. Their kit always looks good but is never gimmicky or too trend-led. Armada draw their style from surf and skateboard culture, so expect long cuts and grungy colours. Tanner Hall (hellooo 11x X-Games wins!) is a founding member of Armada and they have a wider crew of sick sponsored skiers and riders. The brand also make mega skis - which always top lists for freeride and touring.

Planks – the seasonnaire icon 

A true seasonnaire brand - you might well recognise their “Drop cliffs not bombs” tagline. It’s cool to see the conscious brand moving towards another slogan “No skiing on mars”… to highlight the climate crisis’ effect on snowsports. When it comes to the gear, Planks style has evolved from home-printed slogan tees, to technical ski-wear in bold, blocky colours. Check out their collab with Woodsy too!

Picture – the climate pros 

Big kudos to Picture Organic Clothing who have been championing sustainable practices before it was a buzzword. Their gear comes from organic and recycled materials, and they focus on low-carbon energy in their supply chain. Is the mention of ‘supply chains’ losing you… sorry… back to the ski gear! You can always tell a Picture jacket - big pockets, blocks of colour and angular cuts. 

Montec – the fresh faces 

Born from the same guys that brought you Dope Snow; Montec is Dope’s cooler, sportier, more understated sibling. Montec gear was everywhere this season and it’s obvious why. Their gear comes in a range of bang-on, muted colours that we love. Mix and match, play it safe with black pants… or go for the full head-to-toe! 

Bro! – the ex-SnowSkoolers 

We have to add these ex-SnowSkoolers to the list! Bro!’s outrageous tall-tees and trippy graphics aren’t for everyone but we love them for it. Think bucket-hat, park-rat vibes. That being said, over the years they’ve worked-in some nice technical features to their gear. You don’t buy Bro! kit to blend in wink 

Our best advice when it comes to any skiing or snowboarding gear, is to borrow or rent if you can, buy only if you really need it, and repair things so that you can hang on to them forever! 

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