If you’re looking forward to your ski or snowboard instructor course with SnowSkool in France – or you’re just curious about who instructs the instructors – we’re happy to introduce two of the trainers who deliver the training course to help SnowSkoolers achieve BASI levels 1 & 2. 

We work with the British Alpine Ski School (BASS) in the Three Valleys. Anything they don’t know – about skiing in Méribel, Courchevel, Val Thorens and the surrounding areas – isn’t worth knowing!

The team at BASS teach everyone from tots, to beginners, to racers, to trainee instructors. They know the requirements for everyone on the whole spectrum of instruction.

Their instructors are all BASI level 4 ISTD qualified – this is the highest level you can reach and is seriously impressive and inspirational for wannabe-instructors/SnowSkool students.

Furthermore, the BASS instructors (who design and run the whole training program for SnowSkool) are often BASI examiners themselves. Being taught by actual examiners… so good it almost feels like cheating, right?! This definitely brings priceless experience, and knowledge of what is required, to the course. 

In addition to this, they’re just really lovely and will help you through, what can be, a pretty tough course

Meet Steve!

Steve (pictured left above) is a BASS Pro-Trainer, a BASI Alpine Trainer and is Level 4 ISTD qualified. He is also the Managing Director of BASS.

Born in Wigan, UK, Steve now lives in Oslo, Norway. He started his skiing career in Andorra, where he worked for 11 winters in Arinsal. Since then, he has worked all over the world and has been instructing for 35 years. These days, he works mainly in the Three Valleys and Val d’Isere. “I enjoyed skiing so much in Tignes and Val d’Isere, that I started a ski school there! I am still discovering new adventures in the off piste, even after 20 seasons in Val.”

Steve has been an alpine trainer for BASI for the past 21 years and works with organisations like SnowSkool to train other instructors to the highest level.

A little-known fact about Steve is that he’s the author of the Lords of Destiny book series.

What is teaching SnowSkool students like?

"It is always exciting to meet new students at the start of an 11-week course. Developing that student-teacher bond is essential, as we will be sharing the highs and lows that come with such a life-changing experience. The rewards are huge: when you see your class improve and achieve their goals, you know you were part of something special."

What makes a great ski or snowboard instructor?

"Dedication and enthusiasm are two of the many qualities that a great coach needs. In this profession, the day does not just start and end on the hill. Every good coach needs to go the extra mile with planning great sessions to taking the time to understand each individual learner. A passion for the sport, and a continual desire to get better and inspire students, is a staple of the BASS ethos."

Meet Craig!

Craig (pictured right above) is also a BASS Pro-Trainer, BASI Alpine Trainer (retired) and Level 4 ISTD qualified.

He’s from near Glasgow, Scotland, and has been skiing since the age of two! A little further down the line, Craig worked and trained with France’s biggest ski school, ESF Méribel, for six years. Before starting BASS in Méribel, with Steve, over 10 years ago. Craig knows the Three Valleys inside-out and is a super popular instructor (with kids and adults returning year after year for his lessons!).

After running BASI exams for over ten years, Craig is extensively involved in BASS’s instructor training program, as well as off-piste courses and all other levels.

What is teaching SnowSkool students like?

"I love giving something back to future instructors – of all levels – passing on our skills and experience, to help them move towards their goals."

What makes a great ski or snowboard instructor?

"Having the ability to listen to the clients’ needs to help them find the best learning experience whatever their goals may be."

Handy info on instructor courses in France

So, are you inspired to book onto a ski instructor course or snowboard instructor course, with Steve and Craig??

Short (10-day) ski instructor course in the Three Valleys, France.

Long (11-weeks) ski instructor course in the Three Valleys, France.

Short (10-day) snowboard instructor course in the Three Valleys, France.

Long (11-weeks) snowboard instructor course in the Three Valleys, France.

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