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25th May 2023 

Alumni round up from across our Snow Skool resorts in Canada, France and New Zealand 

Snow Skoolers come from a variety of places and backgrounds, and for a variety of reasons. Everyone has a different experience but one theme that remains constant across these stories, is LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE. Read on to find out how ...

Banff, Canada 

Jack’s journey from Banff to teaching in NZ and Japan 

Find out how planning ahead and getting your CVs out there asap, before you’ve completed, puts you ahead of the game if you are looking to bag a job fresh from your course.  

Read also about Jack’s visa adventures – simpler for NZ and Japan than for Canada and Europe. He can give you the full lowdown and top tips. Again, getting ahead is the key theme here. Along with staying on top of paperwork and deadlines. Possibly not your first thoughts when dreaming about your future instructor life, but a necessary evil that is a big part of the key to those golden gates to the job of said dreams ... 

It paid off for Jack who realised his dream of working back-to-back seasons in Canada, New Zealand and Japan. Find out more here, and file his bullet points for success somewhere safe. 


Cardrona, New Zealand 

Ingrid’s New Zealand romantic success story  

Ingrid chose Snow Skool because it sorts your accommodation and takes care of the organisational admin for you. 

Not only did she love the course, improve her skills and gain her qualifications, she also met her life partner. At the end of the course they went to work in Japan together.  

Ingrid started applying for jobs in Niseko as soon as she passed her Level 2 snowboard instructor exam. There’s a theme emerging here – like Jack, Ingrid got applying asap rather than waiting until the end of the course and it paid off. 

Ingrid enthuses about Snow Skool... 

“If you’re thinking about doing a SnowSkool course, I would say definitely do it! It will likely be the best thing you’ve ever done, and you never know where it will take you!” 

As well as the resort ... 

“Wanaka for sure, is such a cool place. It has a vibe about it that’s so laidback, but not in an intimidating, hipster way. You’re just surrounded by people who love the outdoors and who love travelling.” 

Read more about Ingrid’s story here. 


The Three Valleys, Méribel, France 

Tom decided he wanted to do a Snow Skool instructor course when he was 13! He followed through on this commitment and completed the Three Valleys course in Méribel on his gap year before going to Manchester uni. 

He loved it.  

“The chalet situation is spot on. At first you think everyone’s quite different because people are from all over the world and everyone has different reasons for doing the course; but then you realise it's actually very simple: you’re all here to have a great time, ski every day and get qualified. This massively bonded us. I wasn’t sure if I would actually pursue a job teaching skiing but definitely wanted to improve. I got pretty fit as well, but I think it was slightly offset by beers!” 

“There were a couple of other things that stood out for me. I’ve heard the BASI course is one of the toughest of the instructor qualifications, so passing the Level 2 was definitely a highlight. Living in the chalets was also up there – we had such a good group and it was wicked to have your dinners sorted for you. And finally, just Méribel as a place! Being able to ski the whole Three Valleys is sick, as is the town’s nightlife and après.” 

Read more about Tom’s experience here 


Big White, Canada 

At 30 and having gone straight into the working world, Pierre thought ‘doing a season’ was a chance he’d missed. Until …. he came across Snow Skool. A revolution to Pierre who hadn’t realised this was an option – doing a season without working in a chalet or a bar. Turned out it was exactly what he needed to make a dream he thought he had missed the boat for come true, improve his skills immeasurably, and change the course of his life in a way he wasn’t expecting … in a good way! 

Big White was great for Pierre as a more mature because of the more independent living in smaller accommodation units spread across the village. Read more about Pierre’s story here. 


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